Monday, February 4, 2008

A Super Superbowl!

In the morning I went to hear DJ Aston at the Glamshack with hostess the lovely and talented Isobela. It was Aston's first time at the Glamshack and he seemed to like it. Afterwards I went over to Isobela's house to see the amazing garden that she had put in. She still had a couple of final touches to put in, one of which was lights. She wanted a balance of enough light to see when walking along the paths but not too much light so as to ruin a sunset.

She had seen some good lights over at Botanicals so we headed over there to check them out. We got lost on the way but she finally got us there. Botanicals is a truly awesome place. One more reason not to own land of my own: I'd be constantly broke buying stuff for it at Botanicals!

As soon as we had gotten back to Iso's Mack called with a late-breaking show announcement. Friendly Fire had been asked to play Zurich in a little over an hour and she was looking for officers. Iso and I agreed to help; Promise said she would try to be there and ended up staying for just about the whole thing, too. The Zurich Hillside Skate Rink was redecorated a bit from the last time we were there, but the stage was in the same place and the rock was as smooth as ever.

There was an Argentinean pianist on before them, so as Mack and Case were getting ready I worked the crowd trying to get them to stay by promising that Friendly Fire will be rocking our World as soon as they set up! Case started with a new song; instead of Radio Show he sang the Tom Brady Blues! I think that was mostly because Joce was there.

Just before singing Glam Me A Beer Mack said that she would trigger her poofer, but she got too involved in singing and playing and rock and roll and such so the duty fell again to me. After the song Mack said that she appreciated it; and then she threatened me! She said that if she wasn't already married she would be after me! Aaaaahhhh!

Isobela had some errands to run, so I went back to my place and settled down to watch the game. It was a defensive struggle for the most part; each team scored on their initial possession and then there was no more scoring until the fourth quarter. Some people think that you need to have high scores to have an exciting game, but I enjoyed this one immensely. In the end, the Giants came away with the Lombardi trophy.

After the game I went to the Half-Plugged Pajama Party at the Glamshack. As usual for pajama parties where it wouldn't be appropriate to show up naked I wore my yellow smiley-face boxers. Isobela wore a red, comfy-looking outfit. Case confirmed that he would be wearing a cheerleader outfit all week, but only after Ajay and I noted that the previous evening's conversation on that subject had been both logged and blogged.

Joce showed up and promptly put a box on her head the poor dear. Case set up a mudpit in the corner and Joce took out her frustrations on all comers. Later on she pushed Case right off of the stage! She was a wild woman!

I beat Iso 3 times in a row in the mudpit and then let her win my t-shirt. By then the show was winding down so I went home to clean up and change then met Iso back at her house. We had a few beers (well, I did) and chit-chatted late into the evening. A wonderful end to a stupendous day.


Case said...

Too much fun last night, even if Jocelyn did clobber me. Yes, I'll be wearing a Giant's cheerleaders outfit all week, although I hope to find one with just a few more inches of fabric that the one Jenda had the other night. I think everyone would be relieved.

Ajay said...

Yes Case, we would all be HUGELY relieved...

Here's hoping the FF stream will function for me tonight. Good grief. Poor Synapse ended up calling me via MSN, put the stream on his speakers, and then put his mic by one of them so I could at least hear something.

Then HIS stream died! URRRGHHHH!!!

Soooo... I'll be at the Glamshack nice and early today so we can try to figure out what's going on. Every other stream plays on my computer, so I'm at a loss as to why the FF stream is bailing on me *sigh*