Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Rezz Day Hope!

This afternoon I stopped by the Glamshack to hear DJ Bill and his hostess the giggling Ajay. Joce stopped by too and showed off this awesome brooch that Adrian had made for her. I've been enjoying the afternoon shows there, but I'm not getting any other stuff done that I'd like to do. I haven't worked on my secret project in over a week! It is cool to sit up there on my stool, though.

Friendly Fire played their weekly gig at Club Casa Blanco. Mack wore a very Valentine Dayish (VDish) outfit! Case sang a couple of cover songs; not exactly as lovey-dovey as Hy's the other night, but they were at least an attempt. I was lucky enough to finagle a dance with Isobela, but then she had to leave right after the show. I had, to, too; Mack and Case took a last minute request to perform at a rez-day celebration for Hope and Ajay and I had volunteered to be the officers for it.

The rez day party was in the Edole Clocktower which was transformed into a Alice in Wonderland theme party land, and attendees were encouraged to show up on costume. Mack, Case, Ajay and I showed up early. Mack prepared the stage, Ajay and I started greeting people and coordinated on the group notices and who would be doing group invitations and passing out the Swag bags and such, and Case glammed some beer.

When Hope showed up she saw it was a surprise party and immediately fainted. She got right back on her feet and everybody started overwhelming her with well-wishes. After a few minutes of this Case got on the microphone, said "Hope, we are Friendly Fire and this is for you!" and then led us all in the Happy Rezz Day song! After that it was the sweet, sweet strings of Radio Show and another full-on Friendly Fire fantastic performance.

Before heading over I had a chance to consult with my Fashion Coordinator who agreed that a tux would be appropriate. I went with the full Victorian tux down to the Horsehead Cane, black gloves and PinceNez! Most everyone else showed up in costume, and Hope was wearing a darling Alice in Wonderland dress. They started passing out t-shirts commemorating the event, so some people changed into those, including Case but not until after he had ripped the sleeves off of the brand-new shirt!

When I'm officering I always keep one eye on the doorway so that I can greet newcomers. About a third of the way through the show I was completely astounded when Cogsworth Linden, the Steam Lantern, showed up to wish Hope a Happy Rez Day! My initial greeting alerted everyone else to who was here, and those who recognized the name "Cogsworth" were immediately saying Hi and watching to see what he would do. Cogsworth is a class act, though; he could have taken center stage but this was Hope's party so he sat off in a corner for a while jamming out. He eventually got up and danced, and joked around a bit with another robot, a wind-up, that was there.

Hope was fairly quiet most of the night; she was either real emotionally broken up about the party for her or she was buried in text messages from well-wishers. The mid-show notice that I sent out brought in a handful of new guests, and when they saw what a spectacular party it was (and who was there) they called their friends in too. I was kept busy the whole night.

Special events like this are the bread and butter of this world; it was a most excellent surprise party. The clocktower redecoration was amazing, close quarters but it made a wonderfully intimate setting for such a party! The music was great (of course) and the guest of honor was completely surprised. I overheard someone say "Runy, if you planned this, you rock in stereo!" I concur.

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