Saturday, February 16, 2008


After a very long day I was able to make the last songs of the Friendly Fire at The Cockpit. In scheduling officers for this particular show Ajay promised that there would be strippers, but none were in evidence. The music was just grand, though. Case sang his Scottish Drinking Song - so cool!

Immediately after Isobela and I went to the Glamshack to hear DJ Hy with his theme of Hot-Loving Sexy Songs! Tracy wasn't feeling well, but Carpathianna did a fantastic job standing in as hostess for her. They have finally put up dance poles in the Glamshack, and Anna gave us all a lesson in the proper use of such! And Rosi! And even Mack! Woot!

Near the end of the show Iso and I went back to my place. We had a nice long chat, I really enjoy her company. All the perfumes of Arabia could not sweeten her soul.

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