Sunday, February 10, 2008


I attended a Ninja training course in the Ninja Iga today. It wasn't as physically challenging as I thought it might be, but the puzzles were very tricky. At the end I was awarded a neat Ninja suit and blade!

Friendly Fire played that afternoon at the ISN Virtual World Arena. I was having troubles getting there, so the Incredible Isobela came by to help. The arena is in Milano and the locals were very friendly and much more numerous that at the indoor theater in Milan that Mack and Case sometimes play at. I hope they play in this amphitheater more often.

Later on Friendly Fire played at the Ultimate ROCK Club. This was again their first time playing in this venue. I had stopped by earlier and couldn't figure out where the stage would go, when I came back I saw that it was in front of the giant fish tank. That's pretty dangerous with Case jumping around on stage, I was expecting a deluge the whole time I was there.

LauraLee showed up again, she must be having trouble with her text messaging because neither Ajay nor I could get through to her. The locals here were especially friendly, too; it was a very enjoyable experience. Mack and Case played an extra-long set. I also noticed that Case can play the guitar while wielding pom-poms in each hand! He is simply amazing!

After the show Isobela and I went back to her place, I was a little burnt out from club-hopping and we both had some work we wanted to do. The Glam Me A Beer poofer needed some maintenance so I worked on that, tweaking it just right. Doing this game me ideas for some other poofers, I'll probably debut them at Echo Echo on Sunday night.

Isobela worked on her house some more, adjusting her roof and she laid a nice tile floor upstairs. She was able to get the DJ Jocelyn show streaming live from the Glamshack on the radio. It was a very enjoyable evening, she would give me hints for my poofers and I would make suggestions for her building as we both rocked out. Life is good.

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