Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nick in the Grotto

I worked some more on my project today. I woke up with an idea of how to do something, it didn't work but I found another way to do what I wanted. It's good to always have a project to work on; it keeps the mind busy.

DJ Tkid was spinning at the Glamshack with the most wonderful Hostess in the Metaverse. I danced with Iso and poked fun at Tracy. The show started kinda quiet, but gathered steam as it went. Mack and Case stopped by for a bit before they had to leave to get ready for their show.

Friendly Fire was playing at the Wet & Wild Club again, that place with a glass dance floor and sharks in a large tank underneath. Case said they were named Larry, Moe and Curly-Joe. The officers on duty were the Fantabulous Isobela and Promising Promise!

I had worn a semi-formal thing to the Glamshack, so when Isobela met me at Wet & Wild she wasin a fantastic formal gown; ballroom danced through the whole show. Even though I was dressed in formals, guess who got stuck with the job of triggering Mack's poofer! And after the fact I find out that she was working the poofer too! Well at least it was only for one song.

After the show we heard that Nick99 would be playing in The Lost Grotto so we headed over. He is pretty good, The Grotto makes everyone sound better. About two-thirds of the people were locals, that was pretty cool. Usually the locals are in the minority.

When Nick was done we headed back to the Glamshack for DJ Jocelyn and Jenda's pre-Super Bowl party. Jocelyn played a night full of excellent old, real Rock! Jhonan was wandering around fully-encased in this giant football. There was a significant amount of spanking, but it wasn't like the old Saturday nights when we had certified spanking therapists supervising us.

There was a significant amount of contention about who would win the game tomorrow. Case said if the Giants manage the upset he would wearing a Giants cheerleader outfit all week. I usually root for the underdogs when I don't have a team int he game; in this instance I may make an exception.

Isoebla and I closed the Glamshack down. Nance was playing at The Grotto, and later they were going to have a DJ Poolside with a Best Boots cash-prize contest, but it was very late and I was fighting a cold, so I thought it best to call it a night. I need to be fresh for the big game tomorrow!

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