Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Happy Mardi Gras!

I went to the Flotsam Beach treasure hunt today. Flotsam Beach is its own small island, a very cool place. I wandered around looking for these little gold stickers for the hunt; they had prizes of a sandcastle-building kit, kite and scuba gear! The stickers were very hard to find, though, so I ended up just buying myself a kite!

In my searches for stickers I went all over the island. There is a nice shopping district and free vehicles to use all over the place; motor-scooters, jet skis and paddle boats. There's also an arcade and a drive-in movie theater with a new show each week. They are advertised as "craptastic 1950s science fiction movies", but they do have free popcorn!

There are also a good number of rental houses. They are two story things built on pilings so there's a storage area underneath. They have large patios with a water view, and the one I checked out in particular even overlooked the drive-in movie theater! If I didn't have such a glamtastic place already I think this island would be ideal for me.

Journey Island had a Mardi Gras party with Rocking DJ Farr; the first official party there. I wore a black raven mask, black cloak, black Journey shirt and pants along with some beads. Faleen was almost wearing this awesome white costume with a white mask; no one else was in costume though, not even Iso's cousin Daggar! Buncha amateur Mardi Grawers! Well, LilMissy did show up later in a Very nice costume. Then Rosie put on a mask (what a shame!) and Carla showed up in costume and lots of people were putting on beads and eventually it looked much more like a Mardi Gras party!

The weekly Friendly Fire show at the Minni's Beach Bum featured special commemorative t-shirts! They were in honor of Case's cheerleader outfit. Most of the people put them on right there, and Ajay even cut her hair short so that it wouldn't cover the shirt! Mack and Case won't be at the Beach Bum next week, but to make up for it, and as that is their usual new-music venue, they will perform 3 new songs there the following week!

Immediately after the show I headed over to the Glamshack to listen to DJ Tkid and see the lovely and talented Isobela. Tkid really put on a good show; it was the best one of his I've ever seen. There was a tattoo theme, but no contest this time. I had some forearms tattoos done and wore a short-sleeved shirt to show them off. That is significantly less than I had the week before, but I got just as many compliments this week.

The show finished about on time, but it was still late for me. Isobela and I said our goodbyes and each headed off; me to bed and her shopping. It's a blast to live in the World’s Biggest Programming Environment!

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