Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Farr: He sounds nervous!

I was able to make the last few songs of Friendly Fire's at Trudy's in Mythos Prometheus. The usual rocking crowd was there, and Wiley Willa even showed up too. This was the first Friendly Fire show for many of the locals; they were so funny. They were like "OMG, did he just say that?"

Afterwards Isobela made a special request for me to accompany her to Nightclub Echo Echo even though it would make it a very late night for me. Of course I immediately agreed, then thought about why she would make a special request for me to go there; I thought about this for about an eighth of a nanosecond.

So we headed over to the infamous rocky crags to hear DJ Hy with his beautiful hostess The Tracy. The theme was lovey-dovey mushy stuff and both of them were dressed the part. Most of the usual crowd was there, more people than you often see there on a Monday night. I figured the word must have gotten out, and a little over halfway through the show he did it!

The big lug Hy proposed to Tracy! Right there on the dance floor! In front of Case and everybody! Over the microphone while he was DJing! Down on one knee and everything! It was so cool. I didn't hear her at the time, but the official transcripts reflect Tracy's answer as "yes i would love to"! She started their partnership off right; when Hy asked if he could get up off of his knee she said No!

Tracy, Isobela and Jocelyn were all crying; probably most of the other ladies as well. Even so, the club was in a nice, festive mood. Hy is such a class act, and it rubbed off on the rest of us guys; at least for a little while. Most everyone started slow dancing, sometimes with random acquaintances.

Hy had obviously been thinking about this for a long time, and the play list he had prepared was superb. He had asked Tracy for her two favorite lovey-dovey mushy songs and played them right before he proposed in order to soften her up! He followed these with plenty of slow dances. The night was a worthy salute to the feast of Saint Valentine.

Congratulations to both of you!


Ajay said...

Awww, and I missed it! Darn that RL, always borking my SL...

Congrats, you guys!! Woot!

Allenfire99 said...

I was there it as such a sight!!