Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I played some more with those giant metal tubes I had found yesterday. I found a way to turn the whole tube transparent when viewed from the inside! That provides a great view, but if you're up in the air it probably is a good idea to keep an opaque floor. I was having some problems with an interior wall so I called master builder Isobela for help and we ended up chit-chatting for hours.

My interest in aerial dwellings stems from some posts on my landlord's blog where she talks about selling her land and buying her own island. It would be so cool to have your own island, and I wish nothing but the best for the wonderful Chey and goddess Pele, but it does kinda leave me hanging about having a place to live.

I figure as a temporary measure if I can make a small place that I can float way up out of sight of the ground I might be able to find some friends that would let me park it over their land. That would give me a chance to go house-hunting without the stress of a deadline looming over me.

That evening I met Isobela at Nightclub Echo Echo for the DJ Natallya and Hostess Padula show. curm was his usual hilarious self; he was teasing Ajay about making a move on her wall. I hadn't seen Padula at work since ages ago at the Blarney Stone and was again reminded of what a truly amazing hostess she is. DJ Natallya's music was it's usual rocking self, but the poor dear was just getting over a bug and sounded kinda rocky on the microphone.

After a while Isobela and I went back to her place to work on our projects. She had cut a hole in her roof and covered it with a piece or plywood. Right before my eyes she made and installed the most beautiful skylight over her bedroom! I helped test it to make sure it was safe by jumping up and down on it.

I also worked on my submarine / aerial dwelling project. I stumbled my way through the interior walls; and tested out a hot tub on the upper deck. This was especially cool with the transparent walls and roof. I eventually did about everything I could do for it besides maybe some new flooring and paneling on the lower deck.

As I sat back and looked at it I realized that a long narrow tube was not the best architectural shape to put living quarters in, so it's back to the drawing board. I've seen some vendors that sell things called SkyBoxes, I might look into one of those. I'd really like to build my own place, though, so I may just look around and see if there's any good ideas I can borrow.

Isobela had been tweaking her skylight, and wiping my muddy boot-prints off of it, so I went down to admire it again. Coolness. We talked some more about the issues that I had earlier with the interior walls, and with the patience of a saint the dear explained the process to me once again. Amazingly, this time I understood! She was able to knock the information into my block head! Woot Iso! Ya see, it all hinges on the arrows...


~ Rosi said...

Sir T!
There are some free/cheap skyboxes on SLX and I think some of them are mod, so you could certainly get a few and play about with shapes and styles and textures :)

Told ya before about if you need temporary prim space too :P I've had someone rent and leave again since the last time you were there lol.

The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Did I forget to mention about the little arrow things? hmmm ~ BTW if you need to copy a prim, shift click on the arrow and pull.. sorry!! ::giggles::

Jocelyn said...

If you need a place to park a skybox, I think i have room over the cove - let me know.

Tycho Beresford said...

It's wonderful to have such generous friends. Thank you all for your kind offers.

I must have shift-clicked on the blank part of a prim and pulled about a thousand times and those suckers just would not copy!