Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

DJ Aston was playing in the Glamshack this morning with hostess the lovely and talented Isobela. He's only played at the Glamshack a few times, he's a very good DJ and attracted quite a crowd. Many of them seemed to be from across the pond; fine fellows all the same.

After the show Isobela and I walked around Flotsam Beach. They had torn down the nice house that I would likely have rented if I wasn't in such a fantastic place already, and they tore down the one next to it too to put in four small houses. It was a shame, because all four of them were empty. After touring the island we chilled out on the beach and chatted for a while, then went birthday present shopping. It's fun to go shopping with Iso, she puts a whole new perspective on things.

That evening the craggy peaks of van Eyck's Nightclub Echo Echo resounded with the sweet, sweet strings and souls of Friendly Fire. Mack and Case really know how to close out a wild weekend with style and sass; especially sass. There were many new visitors from Journey Island that became Glamtastic that night, not an easy chore with so many of them scurrying about. Then, during the show, Case announced that today was Mack's birthday!

A surprise party was planned immediately after Mack left the stage, to continue through DJ Jocelyn's and The Tracy Stardust's Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness show. (I hope Mack doesn't get a hold of the pre-release version of this and have her surprise ruined!) Near the end of the Friendly Fire show some co-conspirators silently worked their way through the crowds passing out these special Happy Birthday Mack hats.

As soon as Mack left the stage this giant Happy Birthday banner dropped along with approximately 11 trillion brightly-colored balloons. We all put our hats on and gave her best wishes as Joce cranked up the volume. The hats were way cool with glowing lights and a scrolling Happy Birthday Mack banner around the top! As new celebrants arrived they were given hats, too.

The theme for Joce and Tracy's show was Movie night. Tracy dressed as Bat Woman and Hy was the Flash (I think), but unfortunately Joce wasn't able to dress up. She had what looked like blood-soaked bandages around her calves; I think she called them leg-warmers. I worry about her.

During the show Joce answered the question that was on all of our minds when she said that it was Mack's 18th birthday! And do you know the best part of Mack reaching the age of maturity? She has FINALLY learned how to trigger her own poofer!


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Mac finally figured out how to use her poofer!! It's a Christmas Miracle!! woot woot

Allenfire99 said...

A good time was had by all at the festivities!!
Happy B-Day Mak!!!

Case said...

Yes, Mack has graduated from Poofer School, it was a proud moment for us all. It made all the late nights of study, the tears and frustration, the hours spent working on proper form, it was all worth it. I think there's a lesson for us all here- if it was easy, everyone would do it. Or maybe the lesson is- anything worth doing is worth doing well. Ah shoot, that's not it either. He who hesitates is lost? Good things come to those who wait?

The important thing is, there's a lesson, I think we can all agree on that.

Jocelyn said...

Pffft Tycho - everyone else knew I was the girl from Flashdance! I think you've been lying about your age. ::grin::

It was a whole lot of fun dj'ing that night and telling everyone that it was Mac's birthday. Rock on, girl! Woot.

Tycho Beresford said...

Well Case, Tycho Beresford declines to say anything remotely like "who says you can't teach on old dog new tricks?"

Allenfire99 said...

Well, I thought Jocelyne looked hot in her Flash dance outfit. I would have dumped water on her as she danced on the chair,,,,

And I'm not sucking up to her because she outfitted and created my avatar.