Saturday, February 9, 2008

Glam me a Shack!

I went sailing on the Tester again today, this time in Costa Rica. That is a very beautiful area. I have a favorite beach there, and there's a nice seaside dive bar too. Offshore is a chain of small islands with a nice house on each, and one large island with many very nice houses.

There was one shoreline lot left open on the large island, and it would have made a wonderful place to build, but I resisted even going to price it. I have a wonderful place to live now and I don't want to invest alot with all of the traffic problems and the way everything else seems to break around here. It was great just sailing around, back and forth from the beach to the bar.

In the evening I met Isobela at the Glamshack where we enjoyed a wonderful evening of DJ Hy and his glamtastic hostess Tracy. Hy kept up a steady stream of fantastic music all evening; he played for more than two extra hours, a double show!

There was a slight spank-fest, and even Jocelyn partook! Otherwise it was dancing and conversation and just having a blast with a really great group of people. A truly blessed evening.

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