Friday, February 29, 2008

A Pleasantly Purple Moon

I finished the structural work and exterior of my space house aerial boat. It's ready to move my stuff in. Isobela helped me with some of the interior finishing, but I want to wait and move all of my stuff in before doing the rest. I want to have the transparent-from-the-interior walls, and figure they'll be too distracting as I try to arrange furniture.

Later on Isobela and I went out dancing at the Purple Moon, a new place for us. I had checked it out earlier and there was a god crowd there, but they had mostly left by the time we got there. We did ballroom and many other slow-dance styles. It had been too long since we'd done that. We danced and chatted for hours.

Of course one of the things we talked about was me moving, and that was complicated by the fact that Cheyenne had sent a notice earlier in the day that she would have places for her renters on the new island. I wish Cheyenne had done that before she mentioned moving in her blog, not over a week later, but on the other hand if I was getting my own island I'd be pretty jazzed and would likely be forgetting things left and right. In any case I was faced with deciding if I should stay with Pele or move to a sky house at Isobela's like I had been planning.

I was very conflicted. Pele is a beautiful place to live and I'm sure the new place will be just as nice if not nicer, and I don't like relying on the kindness of others. On the other hand I really don't spend too much time there; I did for a while when setting it up and Isobela has stopped by for a few long chat sessions and that train-ride adventure, but most days I'm there less than 5 minutes. I'm always rushing to work or to a club or wherever. The price is good for what you can do there, it is an excellent value, but I'm just not taking advantage of it.

I did alot of soul searching. I thought about exactly what I need in a place to live, and the answer was not much. I considered living in the alley behind Fibbers; that's actually better than some of the places I've been where I only had cold mud to lie down in. It seems this housing thing is done more to be socially-acceptable, and I started to wonder if I should become homeless on purpose just so that I wouldn't take myself too serious and run the risk of things around here not being fun any more.

I am lucky to have sought Isobela's wise counsel. She helped me understand the issues I was having with life, myself and the metaverse. I realized the fun I was having making my space house boat was really me trying to talk myself into thinking it was a good idea. I wouldn't be happy accepting charity, no matter how picayune or well-intentioned.

Everyone has been so nice, especially Isobela, but I think I'll stick around Pele for a little while more.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Well, I wouldn't want to give up a view like that either!
I am sure that Pele#2 will be just as awesome as Pele#1. On top which Chey is the nicest person, and I am sure her new island will be just as great of a playground as the existing one.

Tycho Beresford said...

Isobela, Have I ever told you that you Rock? Well, you do!