Friday, February 1, 2008


I stopped by the Glamshack to listen to DJ Bill, his first gig there. Niky had stopped by; Bill remembered that it was her birthday and played Happy Birthday to her! Of course we all joined in singing to her. It was pretty cool of Bill to realize that and surprise her with that song.

Afterwards I went home to work on my project some more but ended up chatting with Joce instead. The perfectly-coutoured Cheyenne stopped by and we chatted a bit, too. I showed her the diving platform that I had set up and she liked it.

Isobela and I helped Dee out at the weekly Friendly Fire show at Club Casa Blanco. Many new people stopped by, and I was able to convince all of them that it was in their best interests to join the Friendly Fire group! Niky stopped by too and Case got down on one knee and sang a virtuosic Happy Birthday to her. There was hardly a dry eye in the place. Iso and I danced and closed the club down, again.

We finally stopped when I received notice that Maximillion was going to be playing at Club Savvy. I had seen him at the Orinoco Gallery but Iso hadn't, and I thought she'd enjoy him so even though it was a late show we each went home to change them met there.

The place was packed, Iso had a little trouble getting in the door but as soon as they realized who she was with she got right in. She really liked him, as I thought she would. An intriguing voice; we spent half the time trying to figure out his accent and finally settled on Palestinian-Canadian. He sings an awesome "Hallelujah"!

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