Thursday, January 31, 2008

90 Glamtastic Minutes!

I have begun Work on a Secret Project. I haven't had a project to work on in a while, what with moving and all; it's nice to be working on something again. I'm undecided on whether to tell Isobela about it and enlist her help or to keep it as a surprise; I think I'll keep it as a surprise for now.

Friendly Fire rocked Saphir Resort again this afternoon with another of their excellent 90 minute show! Most live acts that I've seen around here can only hack it for an hour; Mack and Case as usual are going that extra mile. I shared officer duties for the show with the Ravishing Rosinante. curm showed up being his usual crazy funny self.

I was stuck once again triggering Mack's poofer. I guess the job isn't all that bad, but it highlights the need for a Friendly Fire Officer's Handbook (FFOH). I should probably get started on writing it. Our goal should be repeatable processes; fans at one Friendly Fire show should receive the same level of excellent service as fans at any other Friendly Fire show. Swag Bags for all!

After the show I worked on my project some more and did shopping for it. Later I was lucky enough to spend some time with Isobela who was working on a project, too; something involving rocks and/or plants. Very mysterious. At first glance it could easily be her reconstruction project, but that is too obvious. I'm suspicious by nature and always look for hidden meanings. She likely realizes this and hides things in plain sight as a result, so I'm on watch for that, too. Oh what a tangled web she weaves.

I mentioned to her that I was working on a secret project. She was curious, but didn't pry too much. When she told me about her plans for her new patio I said that I had witten down some plans for my project, too. This struck her as very odd for some reason; she wanted verification: "You actually wrote them down?" When I told her that yes, like all good software engineers I had written up a formal Requirements Document I thought she would split in two from laughing.

When I was considering sharing my project with her I thought the easiest thing would be to just give her the Requirements Document; it has everything about the project in it. Since the idea of a Requirements Document itself was nearly fatal to her I'd best keep the document to myself. If she were to see the eloquent functional decomposition that it contains I'm sure she would drop stone dead!

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