Friday, January 18, 2008

Forsaken Hot Tub

Today was my first moving day. Packing up was easier than I expected, but then when you're just throwing stuff into a box it usually goes pretty quick. Just as I was finishing my new neighbor showed up so I was able to tell her that I was moving and give her my card so she could find me later. She's still pretty new around here and has lots of questions.

For the past couple of days I had been trying to plan out where I would put things in the new place. Just about everything had a couple of places where it could go and I couldn't settle on a final layout for anything except the fantabulous chairs that Isobela had given me. They went on the upstairs patio facing West to watch the sunset from.

Downstairs I put up a couple of walls to separate the bedroom from the rest of the place. These walls don't exactly match the exterior walls so the next time I see Chey I'll have to ask her if she can help with that. These walls also gave me a place to hang the TV and some art work, the exterior walls have so many windows there was no place to place any good-sized paintings.

I was able to hang my hammock between two of the roof support beams upstairs, not having to have the hammock's base and cover will save me alot of room. After having placed most everything I wanted to have out I was left with a semi-circular area about 24' across facing south. I decided this would be a good place for a custom-made hot tub so I started building one.

After getting the back wall in I took a short break, noticed the time and called Isobela to see if she was home yet. She was, and wanted to see the new place so she came over and I gave her the grand tour. She was interested in what I was doing with the hot tub, and wanted to help, so I sat back while she went to town on it.

After construction had started I only had one requirements change, I wanted the ledge of the spa wide enough for people to sunbathe on. That was easy to do, but the rest of the time I was a total pain. "This part isn't lined up!" "There's water leaking out over here!" "The front wall is too low!" etc. I'm lucky that dear Iso has the patience of a Saint else I'd likely be squid-poop by now. (Did I mention there's a giant killer squid in the inlet next to my house?) The hardest part for me was getting the dance pole secured in the middle of the tub after we had filled it with water!

We missed the Friendly Fire show at Casa Blanco but I saw Dee was there; we missed Ajay at Fibber's and DJ Raven, Razor99 at Orinoco and Heath, but all in all it was a very good day. When I got the bill for the hot-tub construction I was shocked and amazed; I'm going to have to move more often!


Case said...

Nicely done Tycho! Moving can be stressful but it looks like you were prepared. Did someone say housewarming party? Watch out for that killer squid, if you need any music to soothe the savage beast Mack and I have your back.

The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

------>.....but the rest of the time I was a total pain. <---------
This is the understatement of the year.....
Just kidding!!! Glad I could be of help, it was much more painful watching you try to build something as opposed to you giving me directions!

Tycho Beresford said...

Iso, you cut deep. I admire that in a person.

Hare said...

Did I mention I love your blog?

Hare Hugs,

Hare Fadoodle