Saturday, January 5, 2008

Virtual Live Therapy

I finally caught the Virtual Live Band at the Organ Pavilion in Diegoland. From the notice, they're "Band consisting of 4 members from 3 countries, and 4 different locations, 1 member in Germany, 1 in the UK and 2 in different locations throughout the US, playing bluesy rock originals, with an occasional cover thrown in to the mix."

They were pretty good, and had drawn a large crowd. It seems there had been some technical problems before I arrived, and the band had agreed to play late to make up for it. Cher was kept busy arranging that, coordinating with the follow-on performer and doing meet-and-greets with all of the people coming to see both.

After dinner I went to see Friendly Fire at Group Therapy. Unfortunately the dance poles had been taken away. Another massive crowd was there by show time; it's good thing I almost always show up early to their shows!

A few song into the show Jocelyn led a rush of the stage. Apparently this was in payback for Case doing the same thing to her a few weeks ago. The close quarters made our spanking therapy that much easier!

After the show Isobela and I decided to try some snow skiing. We hard a hard time finding some skis that would fit her, but eventually picked some up at The Weather Channel store. The ski lift from there to the top of their ski run is an awesome ride!

After skiing there we headed over to the Alpine Executive Center. They have a nice downhill run, a slalom course and a very high ski-jump. We tried the downhill run a few times, but I need a bit more practice at it. I did learn an important lesson, though; don't get too close behind Isobela when she's skiing. Isobela's ski poles when skiing are almost as dangerous to my tender parts as Isobels's knees while we're dancing!

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