Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Glamshack

This morning I watched a part of an old movie with Hy and The Tracy on this new video screen technology that Hy had helped set up. He had originally just set a random video stream to see if it would work, but the movie was so bad we couldn't tear ourselves away from it. Luckily Isobela had called me about something; that took my concentration away from the screen and I was able move on leaving poor Hy and Tracy staring at the screen like zombies.

Later on I was able to see Jocelyn build a brand new hangout. Watching her build makes me realize just how much more I have to learn. She is simply amazing. DJ, writer, builder, human being extrodinaire.

I thought some more about fireworks that evening. There were many practical examples right in front of my house throughout the night. I caught some good ideas, and feel confident that I can implement them; my next challenge will be to implement them in a safe, spectacular fashion.

The highlight of the year came on it's last day. Mack and Case opened up the Glamshack for a sneak peak. I was the assigned officer for the shift; but we weren't sure who, if anyone, would show up for it on New Year's Eve. Boy were we in for a surprise; the place overflowed!

The night had started off with DJ Tkid. Even though he is widely known for dragging ass, he has the most spectacular audio library with an innate sense of what to play when. He caught the crowd and kept them riled up for for Mack and Case.

I had shown up early of course and sent out the group notice, but at show time things became incredibly hectic. Being New Year's there was a large number of people expecting me to arrange limousine transportation for them, well wishers were mobbing me and the many newcomers needed greetings and goodie bags. I would not have made it if not for the intervention of that beautiful angel Isobela.

There were so many old friends and so many new friends I was almost overwhelmed with my fortune. My friend the beautiful and talented and short MiaSnow was there! Minni showed up!! Wily Willa showed up just in time for the Punk Rock version of Auld Lang Syne! Case is an amazing guitar virtuoso. Like Echo said, "It will be a great 8!"

Tkid Rocks! Stella Rocks too! The Glamshack's cherry was broken in high fashion.


Isobela Capalini said...

I am so Impressed, and I don't even have coffee yet!!

Case said...

It was a tremendous night, way beyond anything we could have expected! You guys are the best!