Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mayhem in the Mud

I finally found enough time to finalize the diving platform for my schooner. There was one last detail that was troubling me, but after a quick call to Isobela I was able to get things fully functional. I'm still waiting for lettering to come back from shop to personalize it, after that I will likely get to work on the interior. I made the diving platform in such a way that I can set it up just about anywhere, although through painful testing I found that the edge of my patio deck is just slightly too far from the water for safe diving.

The best thing about going to the Beach Bum on Tuesdays is the warm greeting you're sure to get from Minni. Oh, and some band was playing there too.

Well, not just any band, but the incomparable Friendly Fire! The Beach Bum is their new-music venue; they played a brand new to the metaverse song called "Social Insecurity." Quite a catchy tune, though with all the crowd noise wherever Mack and Case appear I'm sure I'll need to hear it a few more times before I can fully appreciate it.

As promised last week, they had set up a Mud Wrestling pit in front of the stage. There were a couple of friendly matches early in the show, but the title bout was towards the end of the show during the song "Catfight." Ajay, the Glamtastic Friendly Fire Officer on Duty, was opposed by known concert hooligan and serial troublemaker Rosinante. The match lasted slightly longer than the song, but the outcome was never in doubt: Ajay decimated Rosi. It could have been due to the superpowers provided by her red Friendly Fire Officer's shirt, though even I in my Officer's shirt would think twice before messing with Ajay!

Isobela showed up near the end of the match and was able to partake in the victory celebrations for the forces of Good. We danced until the end of the show and through the after-gig chat. Some of the people that had left right after the show were reporting horrible traffic tie-ups right outside of the venue so we just waited. Waited and danced. Danced and chatted. Chatted and danced. Before we knew it we had closed the place down; even the workers in the club had left!

Isobela had wanted to show me some property she was thinking of buying, but intermittent traffic issues made it difficult to get there. We ended up at an Art gallery and had a good time discussing the merits of the marvelous works they had displayed there. A nice way to relax and wind-down after a hectic evening.

Lobe ya Rosi!


Rosi said...

Why you ...

Ajay said...


Fear the chim, Rosi ;)

Case said...
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Case said...

/me knows that any second now attention (and worse, payback) is going to turn to the wise guy who started the whole thing...

Rosi said...

Case, if you only knew ... if you only knew ;)