Monday, January 28, 2008


The Glamshack happened to be the last stop on my morning rounds, I was still there on my stool when Isobela calls to say she'll be hostessing for a DJ at the Glamshack in a few minutes and would I like to go over there? As it turns out the DJ we thought was playing didn't show but Hy and Tracy did, so Hy played some music for us.

Isobela had some shopping to go do so I went to The Maritime Club in Belfast to listen to ChelseaMarie. She has a very nice voice, soft, slow music; excellent for slow dancing. The Maritime Club is a nice place, in the basement of this arts center, set up almost exclusively for live performers.

I took my daughter to see the Krewe of Dionysus parade. It was very good, about 20 floats, but not as many bands as usual. My daughter caught a nice stuffed monkey in addition to various and assorted cheap plastic junk. They had a new throw this year that impressed me, the bags the cheap plastic junk comes in. Some genius realized that if they put the krewe's logo on the bag and added handles to it the thing becomes a prized catch instead of more trash lining the parade route.

When we got back it was time to start getting ready for host duties at Nightclub Echo Echo for the Friendly Fire show. This was their first show since playing at the Beach Bum last Tuesday; the lazy bums had been on vacation. I had prepared my pre-and mid-show group notices when Mack called to let me know about the schedule for next week, and also that one of the shows they had planned was cancelled.

I met Isobela at Echo Echo and sent out the pre-show notice. Friendly Fire started their show with Radio as usual and at the first break Case said they were back with "recharged batteries and the same crappy attitude" and I knew I would have to change my mid-show notice to include this phrase.

I got stuck activating Mack's poofer again. I sure am glad we're getting junior officers to do this kind of distasteful work! LauraLee stopped by near the end of the show; I think we had seen her at Red's last week. It was good to see her again.

Jordana and Aaronson, friends of Isobela's, were having a housewarming party at their Angelwood estate after the Friendly Fire show. Going to it would mean missing the Joce and Tracy show, but they are on weekly and her friend's thing was a special event.

The host and hostess met us at the doorway, we chatted for a bit then moved on as others were arriving behind us. The party was on a huge wooden deck with the windward side ever so slightly submerged in the surf. I'm sure it was intentional, and it looked very cool. Isobela headed straight into the middle of it and we danced there, splashing water up everywhere!

It was strange to be dancing to rock and not shouting out greetings to all the arriving visitors and doing all sorts of crazy gesticulating. Isobela was the only person that I knew at the party, though as Aaronson made his way through the crowd socializing with all his guests he and i had a nice chat. Turns out that we have many of the same interests, I'm surprised that I hadn't noticed him at one of Friendly Fire's or Jocelyn's gigs before.

The party broke up after about an hour and a half and Iso and I discussed where to go next. It was getting late but I figured that I was good for another half-hour. There was a singer at the Lost Grotto, but I thought it would be best to go back to Echo Echo to catch the last of Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness with DJ Jocelyn and her lovely hostess Tracy.

This week's theme was Moulin Rouge. Wikipedia says that Moulin Rouge is French for Red Mill or windmill; I'm guessing the name comes from the windmill effect of the dancer's legs when they do the Can Can. When we arrived Iso Joined the Can Can line, I tried it for a bit but quickly decided it would be better for all concerned if I just stayed off to the side and enjoyed the many lovely visuals.

Case told everyone that I would put their names in my post so here goes. In the Can Can Line from Left to Right were Farr, Argus, Ivy, Rosie, Isobela, Tracy, Jocelyn, Hy, Casey, Jhonan and Gussie. Also there were Faleen, Spar, Kisa, curm, Neferon, Viola, Steverino, Adrian, BaronTR, Addie, Jace, Case, Mack and Bella. Bella showed up a little late; I'm not sure if she joined in the Can Can line or not. I'm sure there were others in and out at various times too, but these were the people I saw.

I ended up staying longer than my allotted half-hour, but things were really rocking. I finally left during DJ Jocelyn's last set. Isobela thanked me profusely for going to her friend's party with her, like I had made a sacrifice to do so, but I had a blast there. House parties like that are rare, and Jordana and Aaronson put out a really nice spread. Isobela knows the coolest people!


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

--->Isobela knows the coolest people!<---
'pfft-- I am so gifted in the fact that the coolest people know me. I am a lucky girl!

Tycho Beresford said...

Well I can't argue with that! :)

Case said...

Good job on naming names Sir Tycho. Sorry to put you on the spot like that, occasionally I get carried away on the mic. Only on days that end in Y though.

Tycho Beresford said...

Not a problem Case. Things like that are what make you you, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Ivy said...

The Moulin Rouge was a famous brothel in 19th century France with can-can girls. Artist Toulouse Lautrec used to hang out there and do pictures of the girls thus making it more famous than it already was. Also a movie starring Nicole Kidman about said brothel.

Ivy Norsk