Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Blast at the Beach

As soon as I got home from work today Isobela called me to tell me that there was an event going on at the Glamshack, and that she couldn't go because she was stuck at work. I immediately headed over there, checking the Friendly Fire MySpace page on the way. MySpace didn't show anything for today, and I hadn't received any notices about a show, though the notice delivery people are notoriously unreliable.

When I get to The Glamshack I find out it's their first weekly Rock and Roll Listening party! Case was playing songs from various obscure albums from his vast collection. There was a small crowd there are first, but it grew as things went on. Isobela headed over straight from work, and we danced and chatted and had a good time.

I had bought some more stuff for the diving platform on my schooner. I had hoped to get a chance to install and test it before inviting people to use it, but Iso and I found ourselves at loose ends after the party and decided to go try it out anyway. We launched the schooner from the Trudeau docks, and took a short cruise to the shore of the island directly across the bay.

The part installation was pretty straightforward, and pretty soon we were executing flawless swan dives, cannonballs, triple flips and belly flops (me). As I suspected, though, it will need some serious tweaking.

After diving we went below decks to dry off. Oddly enough, Iso had never been down there so I gave her the tour of the fo'c's'le and the stern. I hadn't changed things in there since it was delivered from the factory, so we talked about some enhancements I could make to brighten things up a bit. We also talked about getting a name pained on the hull, eventually agreeing on "The Tester". Long story. I still need to contact the dockyard about getting it painted on.

We decided to continue our day with more water sports. We headed over to Cin Cin and tried out their Jet Skis and ski ramp,

Wind surfing (she rammed me!),


and Isobela even found some friendly Killer Whales that would let us ride them!

By the time we were done playing with the Killer Whales it had gotten quite late. I took Isobela to the planetarium for a quick look, but there was significant cloud cover and they were having other technical issues anyway. We enjoyed a short chat, and I headed off to bed. Another wonderful day. Goodnight Chesty, wherever you are!

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