Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hose City

I went and visited a privateer space station today. They had free runabout spaceships and a long-range, interstellar course for you to run with them. I pocketed one of the space ships and a space suit to go with it and will try and come back later with a friend to run the course. It looks like the kind of thing that would be hilarious for two people to do together, though on second thought many of my friends have a tendency to get lost when we go exploring together and in the depths of interstellar space that may pose a problem.

The space station itself had a couple of nice observation decks, a diner and duty-free shop. There were also separate restrooms for humans and androids. I took a peek at the equipment in the android one and couldn't make heads nor tails of it. There was one down on his luck android that I talked to, but he wasn't able to explain to me how use the equipment in there either.

I'm still looking at rental houses; I noticed in her blog that Chey has a couple right on the beach in Pele. Beautiful surroundings, great amenities but a tad more expensive. Plus no room for my schooner, but I can always keep that at the shipyard or near Bettie Page beach.

I went to Club Echo Echo this evening after I had gotten back fro some meetings. DJ Hy was playing the Blues whilst ably assisted by the lovely and talented Tracy. Today was that gem Gussie's birthday, and also Tracy's birthday by the calendar used in the old country. There was an excellent crowd of well-wishers the entire evening, though I didn't get to spend as much time congratulating the birthday girls as I should have. I danced with Isobela again, though this time I had the manners to ask first. Imaginer stopped by later and we chatted about Isobela behind her back.

Hy was playing his fantastic blues, with an occasional off-theme request from one of the guests of honor that provided a nice change of pace. I forget the exact theme; it was something about blues, but Hy and blues are so synonymous that I frequently mix them up. In any case I wore my top-hat and tux to be in-theme.

It was late by the time Hy had finished, but I took Isobela for a quick look at the rental properties on Pele. Both were good, but we both agreed that one was better. We spent a little bit of time looking around the area, too. There is a small bandstand that might be a nice place for a Friendly Fire gig, and floaties in the inlet next to it. We didn't get to ride the miniature train, visit the Community Center or see the volcano up close, plus I'm sure there's a thousand other things there that we didn't do; but by then it was very late and we need our rest to keep our jobs so we can spend our time in this wondrous place.

Post title courtesy of Iso.

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