Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thong Therapy

Today when I got home from work and was checking my mail there was an advertisement for a motorcycle that looked very appealing, so I went to check out the store. They had quite a few interesting models, along with some cars, pickup trucks and even a Mack truck. I liked their two-seat Ducati best, and it seemed to have a reasonable price, but I thought it would be best to shop around some. I don't really like making purchases like that on the spur of the moment.

I went around to many other motorcycle shops and came to the conclusion that there are many fine, high-quality bike shops and quite a few low-end, basic-transportation bike shops, and not much in-between. There was one shop that had some interesting bikes, a little more than I had wanted to spend but possibly worth it. What stood out was that they would let you take their bikes for a test drive, and they had a two-seat model!

I like to go exploring, and a motorcycle would make exploring faster and easier; but one thing that I have learned about exploring is that it is much more fun with someone else along. Sometimes you might get directions to a place that sounds neat so you take a friend there and it turns out to be a dud, which is embarrassing, but as a general rule having someone else along doesn't increase the laughs geometrically, it does so exponentially.

So I decide to take this motorcycle on a test run to get the feel of it before I ask Isobela to go for a test ride with me. I had a good time driving around that section of town, and my confidence grew such that I was popping wheelies and generally showing off. I got a little too big for my britches though, and got the bike stuck, and stuck good, in the median.

Now I wasn't trying to drive on the median, I was trying to jump over it. The problem, though, was that there was this tree... In any case I walked back to the showroom and sheepishly explained to the manager what had happened. He just laughed, said it happens all of the time and that he would have someone go pick it up later.

After that I was a little hesitant to ask him for another test drive with Isobela, so I decided to wait until he was off-duty and take her there later. In the meantime I received notice that CraigLyons was playing at The Lost Grotto Theatre, so I hurried over.

I hadn't seen him before, and from his banter in between songs it seemed like it was his first time at the Grotto. He is very good, and I don't think it's just the Grotto's natural tendency to make people sound better. I had mentioned him to Isobela later, and she seemed to remember him and agreed that he was good. There was another guy on stage with him called EricSampson, but I don't think he was part of the regular show.

He has a large fan club that follows him around from venue to venue, and tonight was no different. They outnumbered the locals by about four to one, which is rather unusual, but unfortunately there was very little audience participation in local traditions.

One of the local that I hadn't met before, Jillie, was there to be cheered up; I hope we did a good job. After the show a few of us went over to the dance floor by the pool and started dancing. Shortly afterwards Iso called and asked me to head over to Club Group Therapy right away. What really piqued my interest was that she said to wear bottomless chaps, a thong, shoes and noting else!

I said my goodbyes and zipped home to get dressed. Isobela must have thought I needed further prodding because she sent me a picture on my cell phone of a couple of other guys already there dressed as she had indicated. As soon as I got there Starr threw me a pair of chaps not realizing that I was already dressed appropriately.

With so many shiny hinnies available the spanking therapy was going on with reckless abandon. Starr set up a dance pole on stage and browbeat me until I went up there to dance. Actually, it didn't take all that much effort on her part. She then set a couple of other poles up for the other guys, and eventually they joined me on stage.

I was wearing my basic black thong to match my black chaps, but I noticed one of the other guys had a leopard-print thong on so I dug through my duffel bag to see what else I had. There was a lace-up deal whose laces went down to the very edge of semi-respectability, a spider-web mesh one, and even a red one with ribbons and a bow done up to look like a Christmas present! All these different thongs prompted Isobela to say "You have more thongs then I do!"

Starr had us move the dance poles from the stage out onto the dance floor to be closer to our audience. The ladies were all having a grand time spanking and pinching and generally making crude comments. We lobed it! They were all very generous tippers, which was much appreciated.

As with all good things, it eventually came to an end. The DJ had to leave and it was getting late. Isobela and I made plans to meet at the Blarney Stone in Dublin after I had stopped by the house to change. When I got there I noticed a crowd in Fibbers; Ajay, curm and some other groovy people but it looked like Otawan was DJing and she's not quite my cup of tea.

Isobela and I hung out in the Blarney for a while and chatted with each other and some of the other people there. We didn't get to test-drive the motorcycle like I had wanted to, and we didn't get to a couple of places that she had wanted to check out, but we both agreed the night had been an absolute blast. Here's hoping for many more.


Case said...

I thought Mack was going to injure something, she was laughing so hard at Group Therapy last night. I stayed far, far away, because I am a big chicken.

Jocelyn said...

There goes my ability to blackmail. You just had to go and post that picture, huh? When i think of all the lindens i could have made, I could cry. ::grin::