Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pursuing Pele

When I got home from work today my first priority was to set up the fantabulous chairs that Isobela had given me on my deck. I spend alot of time on my deck, and have gone through many, many sets of chairs looking for the perfect ones. I now have them.

I worked the Friendly Fire show at Saphir Resort this afternoon. It was their first time at this place, so there were many new people to invite to the group and throw swag bags at. I was the only officer there so things were a little hectic at first, but eventually settled down. My friend Bhajan works for the resort and helped me with meeting and greeting the newcomers.

About 20 minutes into the show Case sends me a quick oh by the way: this will be a 90-minute show. Now last weekend they had told me they were going to have a 2-hour show, so I send out the group notice saying that, and the show was cut back to one hour. I was concerned about the same thing happening again and losing all credibility as a notice-sender.

The show lasted for 90 full minutes though, and even went over as Case and Mack do when there is no other artist immediately following them. Saphir Resort is a very nice place; large dance area, bar right next to it, and plenty of staff on hand to help people. Friendly Fire will be playing there on alternating Wednesdays now.

Right after the Friendly Fire show I had to go over to my father-in-laws to help him with some stuff. When I got back and reviewed my messages there were a number of bands and DJs playing. I was leaning towards going to see DJ Farr at Echo Echo when a limousine pulls up out front. I hop in and where does it take me but right to the regal rocky crags! Isobela is such a sweetie for sending a ride for me!

We danced and laughed for hours. I really enjoyed Farr's music, just like the last time I heard him. The majority of my mainline friends were there, the place was rocking and I really had a good time. I posed a question to Iso, we discussed it and agreed that Echo Echo may just be becoming the new Fibber's.

All too soon it had gotten late for me. I said my good byes, but instead of heading straight home I went by Pele to see if the rental house there was still available. It was, and while I was there I noticed a couple of people across the way in the Pele Gardens so I ambled over. It was Cheyenne and a friend of hers. Chey introduced us, then her friend got called away so Chey and I chatted.

Many people have helped me in looking for a new place, and I do appreciate it all, but when Chey's friend got called away as soon as I walked up I took that as a sign that I should live in Pele. I explained to Chey that I would like to rent there, we discussed all of the details, I paid her and walked away with a set of keys! She seemed happy that the place would no longer be empty, and that someone she knows will be living there. I am really looking forward to exploring Pele, I just hope the volcano doesn't erupt!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at TNW West Residences. The management was always there when needed, the rent never went up, and they were always trying to make it a better place with things like the TNW Gym (I'm going to try and hold on to my membership card), Turkey hunts and the like. I really like the setup they have with residences on one side of the bay and the shops and club on the other; it provides a good buffer between the public and non-public areas. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with TNW South.

Just yesterday I had met and chatted with a neighbor, a first for me since many of my neighbors are on different schedules than mine. I was out on my deck and I could tell someone was in the house next door, eventually she noticed that there was someone else around too and asked "Who are you"? I was like "Umm, I live here." She had only been around for a week so a little confusion was understandable. We chatted for a while and I gave her some pointers. I hope I see her again tomorrow, if not I'll leave a note saying where I've gone. Don't want the poor thing to think I left on her account!

Tomorrow is moving day and I'm pretty psyched.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

WOW-- I love that house!!!! Congrats! House warming gift should be inbound in the next couple of days!!!

Tycho Beresford said...

Silly girl. Your wonderful chairs are more than anyone could want!

Jocelyn said...

It is in a great neighborhood. Congrats, Tycho. Use it well.