Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dancing all around town

It was another day that I started out working on the house. I had found a cool electronic picture frame that can display multiple pictures and I spent some time setting that up with Spencer pictures and finding a good place for it. When I was cleaning out some boxes from my mover I also found the Support Our Troops ribbon that I had made. I put it up next to front door again, it's free to copy as always.

I went shopping with Iso for a bit; always a major adventure. She ended up with some more tools to help her with her house building. We went back to her house so I could see her progress so far; lots of plywood but it's looking good.

We decided to head over to Fibber's where DJ John was spinning his tunes with Jennifer as hostess. Spook was there too; I have a special "Spook greeting" that I use whenever I see her. Since I don't get over there and see her very often when I do I tend to use the greeting alot.

Between sets as DJ John was greeting the people there there he told everyone "Tycho has been around here for quite a while!" I think he meant it as a compliment, but it was hard to tell. I took it to mean I was a long-time patron of the arts.

Afterwards we went to Rockers to listen to Rockin DJ Natallya. It is a very cool place, I hadn't noticed the dance cages before! Hostess SweetDoll was very good; working for Friendly Fire I'm getting to appreciate good hostesses much more.

When Natallya was finished we headed over to NP poolside to listen to DJ Rose. They had a Conga line going, but everyone kept getting out of step. I had gotten in line behind this small dragon-looking fellow, well small for a dragon, and the spikes on his tail kept poking me in delicate places so Iso and I left the line and danced some slow dances off to the side.

DJ Rose's show finished, so we headed over to SDI to dance to the radio there. They
occasionally will have a DJ or rare live act but none this time. They had a Conga line going too, with no dragons, but we just danced by ourselves again. We tried the Sky Duet dance, which we hadn't attempted before; it worked out well.

We had been dancing for quite a while, and were getting tired. We headed back to my place so I could show Iso the work that i had been doing and my new electronic picture frame. She liked it, so I gave her one for her place. It had gotten very late, so we each said our good nights and hit the rack, looking forward to another wonderful day in the metaverse.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Ahhh finally, it's up! now I can have my 3rd cup and read....Life in the metaverse is good.

The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Ahhh finally, it's up! Now I can have my 3rd cup and read....Life in the metaverse is good.