Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Glam me a Tattoo!

Tuesday means the Beach Bum rocks to the glamtastic sounds of Friendly Fire! Ajay and Promise were the officers on duty, Rosi and I showed up too but there was no mud pit. Case and Mack played a fantastic show; they are really back in the groove after their short vacation. Minni wasn't there, she wasn't feeling well; our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery Minni!

Isobela was hosting at Glamshack for DJ Tkid immediately after the Friendly Fire show. They were having a theme night with a cash prize for the best Tattoos. Long-time readers may recall that back in early September I had prepared a tattoo set for a contest at TNW but ended up not going. I still had that set ready, so after leaving the Beach Bum I ran home, put it on along with a tux and headed over to the Glamshack.

This tuxedo was, well, kinda small. It was pretty much a jock with straps in back and a little bit of cloth in front that had a little black jacket, white shirt and red bow-tie on it. It needed to be small to show off the tattoos, red fire-lightning bolt things all over. Tracy said when she first saw me out of the corner of her eye it looked like I was bleeding all over!

Rudy entered the contest and had some nice tattoos, too. They seemed more professionally-done than mine, but were only on his upper-back and arms; not a whole-body tattoo like mine. Hy had entered the contest but didn't seem to have any tattoos. I didn't look all that close, though. I did see where he must have gotten in to it with some wild animal; there were horrid claw marks all across his back. I'm not sure what type of animal has six claws on each paw, but they can sure do some damage!

Many ladies had entered the contest, but only a few had extensive tattooing. When it came time to vote MiaSnow and I won! Woot! I split my winning with the venue, the DJ and the lovely and talented hostess. Tkid stayed and played late for us, I was able to hang around through his last set. The crowds in the Glamshack are slowly growing; it rocks.

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