Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Chey Herself!

I was reading Chey's (NOT a Fashion) blog and saw that she mentioned a clothing store with items for both men and women. Things were a little slow, so I copied down the directions and headed over.

Guess who was there? Chey Herself! We had exchanged comments on her blog before, and I had visited her volcanic island, but this was our first time meeting in person. It was pretty cool to meet her like this. After exchanging pleasantries we each headed off to do our shopping.

I picked up a top hat, walking stick, PinceNez and gloves to go with my new tux. I had put on my tux with all of my new accessories to try them out when I received a phone call. As I was standing there talking Chey snapped a picture of me all dressed up. She asked if it was OK to use it on her blog, so I said "certainly".

Later on we had a Friendly Fire business meeting/teleconference. The executive decision was made to add the new Friendly Fire hats to the glam bags, plus spankers. Isobela was very insistent on adding the spankers for some reason.

When I was back at home I noticed a tame Pegasus flying around TNW. We chatted for a bit, and he took me for a ride around the place. We flew over the volcano and waterfall, over the shops and then swooped down underneath the stoplight doing about 70. He's a pretty cool guy; I'll have to think of a name for him someday

That evening saw the first Friendly Fire show of the year, and it was Glamtastic as usual. It was at Minni's Beach Bum and yes, Minni was there. Case noted that Friendly Fire's first official gig was at the Beach Bum.

Case also announced that next Tuesday there will be mud wrestling at the show; Mack will take on all comers! They will also be debuting of new song, but he was secretive about the name of said song. I hope it's as good as Make Me Beautiful; that song is just awesome.

After the show Isobela and I went exploring out in the wilderness. We came across some sets of interconnected underwater caverns. There were many passageways with old statues and such in them, like the place used to be a royal palace of some sort. It was pretty spooky; I kept feeling eyes on the back of my neck.

The caverns ended near a nice beach. As we were walking up to it we noticed a couple there changing clothes! We hid in the bushes until they had done and moved off. We looked around the island, then too a bridge over to another, slightly larger island that had some mountains with waterfalls.

Eventually we made our way to civilization and found a dance club. Well, OK, semi-civilization. Neither of us cared much to dance right then, so we moved on.

We found some docks with a canoe tied to them and Iso jumped in at the helm and gave me a ride around the area. There was what looked to be a large, private home on a small island nearby; we tried hailing them but it appeared that no one was home. There was a nice helicopter parked there though.

Back at the docks we decided to call it a night. I was still tired from staying up so late on New Year's Eve, and we both had work in the morning. We said our goodnights and I headed home where I worried about where the Pegasus would be able to find food. I figured between the beer keg and mini-fridge full of cold pizza on my deck, that he would be fine. We all will.


Tycho Beresford said...

Chey has posted her picture of me at

Rosi said...

Sir T!!! ^^ Love reading your accounts and seeing your pics. Hope that unicorn's ok ;)