Sunday, January 13, 2008

Audio Poetry

This morning I tried to help Iso with a photography project of her, but I'm afraid I wasn't much help. She says just being there for moral support was a big help; she's such a sweetie. I worked on my schooner some more, mostly research. Iso and Joce provided advice, then Joce brought in the big guns and Adrian helped me some, too. I have good plans A and B and will be working them as time permits.

I took a long lunch break to finish a book that I was reading, then headed to the DJ Hangout to listen to DJ Raven. I don't specifically remember listening to him before, but with all ov the events that I've attended I can't imagine that I haven't. In any case he is very good. I also had a nice, quick chat with Gussie; we haven't had a chance to catch up in a while.

Later I went to check out the venue that Friendly Fire would be playing out later; a singer/guitarist name Rookie was playing there. He had attracted a nice-sized crowd, and was pretty good himself. He has a cool Lone-Star guitar, though he didn't play country that I heard.

The stage is right on the beach with the audience having their backs to the water. This might be a problem is the tide comes in, or if the surf increases any appreciable amount. Some of the crazy dances people do might send them right into the water, too (Ajay). Since Isobela has Officer duties I guess I'll appoint myself lifeguard. Hmmmm, what to wear?

As i was there I received notice of a Friendly Fire gig at the Grand Opening of the Wet & Wild Club; the first that I had heard of this show. None of the officers were scheduled to work it, so I headed right over to see if I could help.

Wet & Wild has a cool glass dance floor with sharks circling directly underneath it! According to Case they were named Curly, Moe and Larry; not sure where he got this information because name tags were not apparent. The Glamtastic Ajay, an officer of renown, showed up and took over formal officer duties; I had an errand to run in the middle of the show that would have been incredibly difficult to get out of.

The club had four live acts that day; Benny the owner said he thought Mack and Case were the best and will be sure to have them back. He's streaming the music from the club over the net which is cool, Friendly Fire was able to bless a much wider audience.

After the show I met up with Isobela; we went to check out the evening Friendly Fire venue together and there was another large crowd. Preciousse was playing guitar and singing. This might be another grand opening like at the Wet and Wild club with all of these artists playing.

We also went and checked out the place I am thinking about renting next. It's on a small, square island, corner lot. The house itself might be a little smaller than what I have now, but there is still plenty of room for entertaining and my small build projects and almost anything else. The view from the corner lot is just awesome.

Isobela and I went back to her place to work on the Friendly Fire group notices for later, and then headed to Club Group Therapy to hear DJ Jocelyn for a bit. Joce played one awesome song after another; it was very hard to leave for work in Coconut Grove!

Friendly Fire was playing at Poetry in Pixels Gallery in Coconut Grove. Kim was still singing when we arrived. It turns out that the Poetry in Pixels Gallery was having an Art and Music festival from 8am through 11pm that day; that's why there was always someone on stage when we went to check the place out.

There was another streaker, though it was only Moard in his incarnation as a mer-man so no naughty bits were on display. There were a couple of girls in mini-skirts dancing whilst suspended 20 feet in the air; just about as good as streakers! My friend Jewel showed up for a little while, though she couldn't stay too long.

After the show Isobela and I checked out the art gallery, it wasn't quite our cup of tea so we headed back to her place to clean up from the photo shoot earlier and watch the sun go down. We had a real nice chat, but after a while we kept getting interrupted with notices and calls about a wild party going on at the Glamshack so we headed on over.

DJ Jocelyn was playing there when we arrived which was very good news because Case had been threatening to play songs from his personal music collection. Echo was there and some other new people were in and out along with the regular who's who
including, Ladies and Gentlemen; The Tracy Stardust!

We stayed for about an hour, until the party broke up. Jocelyn had to work in the morning and it had gotten way late. I went home and fell into bed exhausted and another long, wonderful day in the metaverse.

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