Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Promise and Rosi!

When Isobela and I were out shopping yesterday I had seen a four-stool bar set that I thought might be nice downstairs in my place, but when we looked at it closer we weren't too impressed. Iso said that she could make a better one, and so she's been working on it. My contribution to the project will be to stock the bar and to make the swiveling mechanisms for the bar stools.

Isobela and I agreed a four-place bar would be the ideal size for where I want to put it, and we also agreed that too many of the ones out there have fixed seating that won't let you turn and talk with your neighbors to the left or right comfortably. I'll need to be very careful with the materials that I use for the swivels because the sea air can be very corrosive to some metals. I did a bunch of research yesterday, and today my first test product will be made with parts scavenged from an old flying Q-tip.

After doing my research I had visited Isobela to see how she was coming on the bar. I must not have made myself clear to her that it was for inside use because she had put a small roof over it. My fault entirely. The roof was just plywood at that point so it was no big deal to take it off, in fact we're going to use the poles that were holding up the roof as end-pieces of the bar; the poles are very nicely decorated.

We left Isobela's place and headed to the Beach Bum to listen to Friendly Fire and attend the coronation of our new officers, two lovely and talented young ladies, my friend Promise and the Glamtastic Rosinante! I'll sure I'll be reading about it in the Society pages tomorrow. We maxed out the occupancy of the place for the fire code; no one else could get in. All of the existing officers went up on stage with Case and Mack, and then the new officers received their commissions and red t-shirts and took the stage as well.

The coronation festivities started about a third of the way through the show because Isobela had to leave early. About two-thirds of the way through the show Ajay and Rosi just couldn't resist the temptation of the mud pit and started wrestling again. Rosi is doing better; she actually scored a point or two on Ajay. They didn't finish the match, but Ajay was way ahead when they stopped.

When Friendly Fire finished their amazing show Case and Mack hit the mud pit. They wrestled back and forth for a while but Mack ended up winning. I think she cheated because Case was slightly ahead and then all of the sudden Bam! he lost. Maybe she tickled him or something. Our two new officers were right there watching and didn't report anything amiss, though.

I went home to change out of my mud-splattered clothes and then headed over to the Glamshack where DJ Tkid was spinning tunes and his hostess the charming Isobela was making us all feel groovy. After Tkid finished Case took over for the rest of the hour playing some of his tunes. DJ Hy was coming up next but it was late for a weeknight so I said my goodbyes and headed home for bed. Another day in our wonderful world.

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