Monday, January 21, 2008

Three Plus

I did alot of work around the house today. I put up a shower head over the flag/dance pole, running the plumbing through roof so it doesn't show anywhere; just tap shower head to start or stop. I put a diving platform on the dock across the inlet, I'll need to ask Chey if that's OK now too. I also worked on tweaking good places to sit around the hot tub and hammock and on the sunbathing spot; it was a very productive morning.

Friendly Fire play at Reds Club; I went to help Isobela meet and greet and have fun. During the singing of Glam Me A Beer I got stuck with the job of triggering Mack's Glam poofer. There were many new people at the show, including two friends of Mac and Case's from the old world that had never been to one of their shows.

Immediately after that show Iso was officer on duty again for their show in the Underworld Italian Mafia City. I had never been there before, and it seems to be a pretty cool place. I'll have to go back later and check out the rest of the area. The stage was under this old bridge, very grungy but cool nonetheless. They do need a good exterminator, though; and a wolf-catcher. The crowd was very lively and noisy, unlike at most new venues they really got into the spirit of a Friendly Fire Show!

Case had kept complaining about his missing laptop mixer/drummer, the old one got eaten somehow. I had a bunch of extra parts laying around my place so when I got back I was able to cobble something together for him. Mine comes with full backup capability, which was the main issue with the old one. He seems to like it; it was on-stage for their evening show.

After getting the laptop set I worked some more on the house. I had decided to wallpaper over the interior walls downstairs. I had found this huge old-fashioned world map full of Latin writing and such and placed it in the living room, it looks good there. I also put some Spencer Tunick artwork one one wall in the bedroom. Iso came by to check it out and commented "OK I have to hire you as my decorator, mine is very boring. You're surrounded by naked people while you sleep! It must be comforting."

We then headed off to the majestic peaks of Club Echo Echo for Friendly Fire's third show of the day. Again, Isobela was the officer on duty. That is too much, really; Ajay or I could have handled at least one of the shows. The Mafia one was a last-minute thing that Iso volunteered for before Ajay or I even knew about it. I must soundly chastise Mack for allowing Isobela to do this.

The Friendly Fire show was just superb. The new drummer made all the difference in the world! Rosie and Mack had on similar outfits so Rosie was invited up on stage for one number. Same color clothes, same color hair, same vicious spikes on their shoes, same amazing beauty; they were almost sisters!

After Mack and Case had finished DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy put on a show themed "Here, There and Everywhere!" Joce had on a sari, and Tracy had on an Irish costume featuring a skirt that went all the way down to her navel. I remembered having a kimono in my sack, and Iso had one too, so we changed into those. After putting mine on I decided I didn't like it so I changed into Aztec Warrior costume. Iso commented on my rapid costume change, falsely noting that "You're worse than I am!" This devolved into a "Am Not!" "Are Too!" "Am Not!" She is such a hoot.

DJ Joce's tunes were a blast. Towards the end of the show she talked about special sneak preview announcement that would be coming soon. Very special people got to hear about it even earlier, so Iso and I headed over to check it out after the show. There were a handful of people already there, including my friend Rosie. It is a truly amazing place, your socks will be knocked off. Mine were.


Case said...

Tycho, the new laptop is a siginificant upgrade to my last one, and I am glad I spent time whining about it instead of replacing the one I had. The automatic backup is a snap to use, and to be honest I am pretty sure the drums have a little more POP to them now. Don't waste time with Dell and Apple gang, if you want a SLaptop that gets the job done, go TychoPC.

My name is Case Munro, and I approve this message.

~ Rosi said...

Tease. I want my socks knocked off too Tycho! :P

Also I want a special 'Cribs' entry on your house with lots of pics - it sounds great :)

Roger Coss said...

Curious as to which ST photos you have up as I or some friends of mine just might be in them.

If you like Spencer's work come to our site
We have many of Spencer's works and some of his lesser known individual portraits.

Tycho Beresford said...

Good idea Rosi; I have a couple of pending updates to the place then I'll do a spread.

Roger the picture is fron one of Spencer's early works, not the Cleveland installation. It's a black and white set in a small, wooded valley with a fallen tree across it and dozens of people laying about. Thanks for the URL!