Friday, January 25, 2008

Grotto and Gallery

DJ Raven had flown up into Club Echo Echo to spin us some tunes with the able help of the witty and charming Hostess Gussie. It was Bella's Birthday and she gracefully received her birthday spankings, all 18 of them.

I didn't stay for the whole show; Isobela and I went to listen to Digby play guitar and sing at the Lost Grotto. Most of the people there were followers of Digby that didn't follow local customs, but Digby was pretty cool in the ways he commented on that. He is a very good singer and had an excellent play list. Iso really seemed to enjoy him.

I talked with my friend Farr who said that he liked the Journey write-up, and had been to the island but couldn't figure out the celebrity voices. Jocelyn couldn't, either. I'll have to go back to Journey Island and listen again myself; I thought they were obvious.

After Digby finished Isobela and I had a choice between a DJ playing poolside and visiting the Orinoco Gallery. I looked over from the Grotto and saw that the DJ was dressed all in black leather, had automatic weapons strapped to each hip and was wearing a gas mask and gloves with two-foot long sets of claws attached to them. I suggested the Gallery.

The Orinoco Gallery is a very cool place. There are not only paintings but sculptures, too. One vase especially caught my eye; it has water flowing out from near the top and being caught in a basin at the bottom. What I found so interesting is that the water was flowing in a completely even sheen all around the vase, and that the whole operation was completely silent. I pointed it out to Isobela but she wasn't impressed; she was too busy looking at paintings of shoes.

They had added more content to the second floor of the Gallery; it was pretty much full. There was a sign just inside the doorway announcing whose collection was being displayed but I failed to take note of it. Hopefully it will be like a rotating thing where various people can display their art for a month or two or whatever.

It was getting kinda late, especially for me, but we decided to go back poolside and listen to DJ Funkerdelottu for just a bit. He was playing the most fantastic 80's music; we should have come listen to him right after Digby instead of going to the Gallery; the Orinoco will be there tomorrow.

They had a couple of very helpful dance accessories there that Isobela and I were really impressed with. We agreed that both Echo Echo and The Glamshack would benefit by having them. We copied down the manufacturer's information so we could look them up later.

DJ Funkerdelottu was so good that I ended up staying much longer than I had intended. The fifth time I said "I'm leaving after this song" I finally did. Iso thanked me for bringing her to hear the wonderful singer, the tour of the art gallery and the dancing to the cool DJ. I hadn't been sure if she'd like it here, but we both had a blast. We made plans to come back. Life is good.

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