Monday, January 14, 2008

Over the Orinoco

This morning I stopped by the Open Latte Coffee Shop and had an Espresso Demi Tasse (the only thing they had ready!) It looked like they had done some remodeling, and the neighborhood seemed much nicer, but it's been a while since I was there so maybe my memory units are having faults. The bulletin board advertised some rentals units so I went to check them out; they were very nice small cottages overlooking the ocean but there were no prices listed so they were likely very expensive.

Friendly Fire's first job of the day was to rock the dock at Shelby's World Marina and Village. They had planned on a two-hour show, but the owner had an issue that came up during the first part of the show and asked them to stop after the first. Things had started out slow, but were gaining steam; I sure would have liked to see the 119th minute of a Friendly Fire show! My friend Tkid kept wandering perilously close to the edge of the dock though, I'm not sure he would have lasted to the 65th minute.

I was able to get to the Grand Opening of the Gallery Orinoco for two of the many performers that they had lined up. CraigLyons and Jace both sang and played guitar; mostly softer, gentler music that the glam rock I am used to. It was a nice change of pace; they both have excellent voices and are very good with their guitar accompaniment. The gallery itself is nestled in a forested park and is now displaying interesting works of photography and sculpture by Reno and drama.

I missed the Friendly Fire at Echo Echo, but Ajay was there and I see that she added 12 more Friendly Fire Friends; Isobela was there to help her out too. I was able to make the last half hour of the DJ Jocelyn and Tracy show. Joce was playing great tunes as always. When I got there I saw Isobela in the middle of the crowd so I threaded my way over and started dancing next to her. A short bit later she thanks Imaginer for dancing with her and I feel really bad; I thought she was just dancing in the crowd - I hadn't realized that she was dancing with someone. I had cut in on him without asking or even acknowledging him. What a rat!

Isobela and I closed he place down per usual. We went to the Blarney Stone for a nightcap and found that Emmie had put out jars of lollipops on the bar for everyone. What a nice touch. Iso and I talked about plans for the house I want to rent, I might build a dock and keep the Tester permanently moored there. Imaginer stopped by for a bit, we said hi and had a short chat so I don't think he's too upset with me. Emmie stopped by also and said that two or three new places in Dublin are going to have their grand openings on St. Patrick's Day. Here's wishing all the best to them; may they be as successful and as spirited as the Blarney and Fibber's.

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