Saturday, January 19, 2008

Corsican Concert

The Metaverse's favorite glam rock power punk show band played today in Corsica at the Rez Day Chill Out for Les and foxyflwr. They were the finale of six awesome live bands, VLB played immediately before them. Near the middle of the show Case led us in singing Happy Rez Day to the rezday girls!

I stopped by the house for a minute to enjoy it some more then headed over to the Glamshack for round 2 of Mack and Case. Their usual fantastic rock warmed the place up for DJ Hy and DJ Jocelyn. I stayed for a little bit of Hy's show, but then had to take a break; it had been a long week and a rough day at work.

Later on I bought a new dance pole, um, I mean flag pole. Alaska had called to chat and we had a nice conversation catching each other up on stuff. Then Iso came by and we played with the new flagpole; I had put a Bonnie Blue flag atop it along with some notes of the history of that flag.

Chey stopped by for a minute to drop off a new radio for us; she is so awesome. Isobela and I soaked in the hot tub and chatted and laughed and played guessing games; a wonderful ending to a chaotic day.

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