Sunday, January 27, 2008

Totally Glamtabulous

This morning I helped Isobela with some problems she was having with the windows she wanted to put in her place. It didn't take us too long to figure things out, so she continued with her other construction tasks. I left her hip-deep in cement and mortar and went walkabout. I eventually found myself on Journey Island to pick up the band t-shirt and jeans I've been meaning to get.

Afterwards I explored Pele some more; still haven't taken the train ride, but did explore the gardens and saw the volcano erupt from up close. By then it was time to head to the DJ Hangout where DJ Hy was spinning. The girls were practicing the Can Can dance so DJ Hy and I joined in; strictly for the exercise. The girls took turns trying on different outfits so Hy and I joined in that, too. By the end of the show I was exhausted; all those high-kicks really take it out of you!

I spent some time working on optimizing my automated bartender. I'm just about done with it, I want to find a couple of more good drink recipes to put in it, though. I headed over to the Glamshack where DJ Tkid was playing his usual rocking tunes for us and the lovely and talented Isobela as hostess. I was lucky enough to find a spot dancing next to her and had a Glamtastic time. We furthered our plans to put my and Case's names on our respective stools.

Afterwards we each needed to go out to the store; me to just get a couple of things but it seemed like it was going to take Iso a while. When I got home I wandered around a bit and did some clay pigeon shooting at Safe House beach. That was pretty cool! I had a malfunction but was well on the way to setting a high score. I'll have to go back after they get their weapons cleaned and ready.

My dear friend Alaska called me today. She was about to head out the door somewhere, but wanted to chat for a bit. She is such a cool person. She had stopped by the Glamshack the other day hoping to find me there, just like I used to go to the Rotterdamn to look for her. I really need to keep in touch with my friends better. I need to get back to the Rotterdam, and also that new Maritime Club they built. I had written her a long, long newsy letter at Christmas, so maybe I'm not that bad. I still gotta work on it though.

At 5pm I tried desperately to get in to see Maximillion at Gallery Orinoco, but the place was full! They weren't letting anybody in, not even me! Finally, over halfway through the show, someone must have left so they let me in. Rhondy and Sam were acting as hostesses for the venue and doing a fine job; CuteMandy handled group requests and such for Max. Max is excellent! No wonder the place was so full. I'll definitely need to keep note and bring Isobela to his next gig, I'm sure she would enjoy him.

Isobela returned home just as the show was ending; she was very disappointed to have missed it. We talked about plans for the evening, and decided I would go to her place and work on my bartender some more while she was constrictioning.

I finally finished my automated bartender; it was incredibly rough taste-testing all of those recipes! I sat around and tried to give Isobela my best advice concerning her build efforts, but I'm afraid my view was through a rose-colored lens. To say the least. It was so cool to go to a friend's place and get all stupid with no worries. Iso is so groovy. Totally Glamtabulous.

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

It's a good thing I didn't sample any of those drink mixes... Otherwise my upstairs and downstairs could end up with my water...