Saturday, January 5, 2008

Friendly Orbital Therapy

I made it to the New DJ Hangout this afternoon to listen to DJ Aston, who was ably assisted by the talented and charming Isobela. It was an awesome show; he is good. And so of course is she! Joce wasn't able to make it, but the first event in the place she built was a resounding success.

Afterwards there was a Friendly Fire Officer's scheduling meeting at Ajay's house. As we were getting next weeks schedule worked out Ajay and Iso took turns trying to embarrass me, but of course it didn't work. This was in between bouts of Ajay/Iso girl talk. I think we have a schedule worked out, but I'm not sure. Doesn't really matter, because Ajay makes the absolute best coffee in the world!

As I was doing my top 100 post I came across some places I hadn't been to in a while, so I decided to check them out. The first one was Cin Cin Beach, and it was cool. They have surfing (minimal waves though), windsurfing, kite boarding, jet skiing and paddle boating. They even had hang-gliding place on the other side of the island, but I couldn't quite get it to work. It is a very interesting place I'll be sure to be going back to more often.

The Friendly Fire show today was on the Nocturnal Live Stage, which is inside of an old nuclear reactor containment building. I sure hope they cleaned it good! Many of the Nocturnal regulars were there, and I was able to add nineteen new Friendly Fire Friends. Isobela was at the too and helped me immensely with keeping all of the people supplied with swag bags and all of the other myriad details officering a show presents.

I had time for a quick dinner then it was off to Club Group Therapy with Music Therapist DJ Jocelyn. Science Fiction was the theme so I went in Space Armor. This helped defend me against all of the Spanking Therapists that frequent the place, though Tracy wasn't there; and neither was Minni. Adrian and Ty were in costume, and a few of the ladies as well.

Joce played her usual fantastic, in-theme music. The theme gave her a rather wide lattitude in selections, and she took full advantage of it. The music was great, and at the end of the show when we voted on costumes I won! Ty hadn't entered the contest, but Adrian had and his costume was every bit as good as mine. Perhaps it was my joking in wondering aloud whether he was actually wearing a costume or not that gave me the edge?

It was late when Therapy was over, near midnight, and I decided that was the best time to go check out a new planetarium that I had heard about. It was awesome! You could see the Moon, solar flares and even the ice caps on the Martian poles. Way cool. We are so lucky to live in such an amazing place with such amazing people.

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