Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Tester

I did some shopping this afternoon. I stopped by the TNW mall first to see if there were any new vendors; each day seems to bring one or two more. There was a sign advertising the upcoming re-opening of the TNW Bank that I hadn't noticed before. I had seen in the paper just this morning that there were new rules coming out governing financial institutions, I wonder if they will affect the TNW Bank?

What most interested me about the sign, though, was that it announced the opening of a new area; TNW South. Currently we have East which is residential and West which is where the club and mall is. I would like to see some more, varied housing. The houses we have on East are all about the same size, and mine seems to be shrinking. A mix of smaller and larger places, along with a few boutique shops like the bank, would be cool. Maybe even have a few lots where people could build their own, environmentally-friendly places?

Isobela and I went out for dance lessons this afternoon. There was one dance in particular she liked, and I had paid for the lessons before she had a chance to. So of course she had to maintain parity and bought a different set of slow dance lessons for us.

After that we went out for even more dancing to I place neither of us had been to before, Bogarts. It was very nice, fairly busy with a hostess there to greet people and keep an eye on things. She missed the streaker, though. Isobela and I didn't try any of the new dances we learned, but had a great time nonetheless. One thing, though; you really need to watch out for the pickpockets there

During a break between songs I received word that the work on my schooner was complete. After we finished dancing we went and checked it out. The new lettering looks good. They had also repainted the hull for me. That covered up the custom paint job that I had done, but was really needed. Barnacles and such had reduced my top speed from 3.76 to 3.72 knots; it's nice to have a clean hull again.

The thought for the day is an e-mail safety tip: Think before you click.

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Hare said...

Hi Tycho!

What wonderful posts you have! Your schooner look fantastic!

See ya round the mulberry bush!