Monday, January 7, 2008

2 Cheers for Case!

I worked on making a Tip Jar for the Friendly Fire gig at Club Echo Echo tonight. Actually, Isobela did most of the hard work with her graphical artist wizardry; I just tweaked the inner workings some. We came up with an acceptable entry, a large red 'T' that slowly spins and is open on the top for the tips to fall in.

Besides Echo Echo Friendly Fire was also playing at the Zurich Hillside Skate Rink this afternoon. The area around the rink was a quaint, hillside resort, until Case and Mack arrived! Friendly Fire Rocked the Rink in Zurich with their usual Glamtastic fare. Isobela was the officer on duty and convinced enough people to join the Friendly Fire Friends that our numbers broke 400! Woot!

After a quick dinner I headed over to the rocky crags of Club Echo Echo. I had a concern that I might have troubles getting my Tip Jar placed correctly, and Isobela had given me all sorts of complicated instructions, but I pretty much just stuck it over to one side of the stage and it worked fine.

It’s always a blast to end your weekend with Mack and Case, and tonight was no exception. We didn't have quite as many people following us from earlier shows as last week, but there was still a very eclectic crowd. Case even had a couple of cheerleaders cheering him on, as is well his due.

(Insert picture here when it comes back from the developers and is cleared by Legal.)

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness with DJ Jocelyn and Tracy was the only thing that could possibly follow Friendly Fire. The theme was 70's, a theme I find hard to dress for but wow they didn't. Their outfits screamed 70's, and a few other things as well.

Minni wasn't there, but Hare showed up at the show. My blog has apparently inspired her to start one of her own; link to the right. I had suggested a title of "A Hare's Perspective of the Metaverse: Lots and Lots of Ankles", but apparently she found a title she likes even better.

As I had mentioned Tracy was there; in other news the event turned into a wild spanking melee. The cheerleaders had stayed and became involved after changing into some tight jeans. Hy and Tracy really got to wailing on each other, I'm sure they slept on their stomachs last night.

With the music going and the noise from the crowd and all of the spanking sounds Isobela and I were texting each other at one point so we could be understood. The highlight of my evening was when Isobela texted me "I can't even type Im laughing so hard." After reading that, I couldn't either. Life is good.

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