Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Damnably Glamtastic

I had a busy, productive day again. I worked mostly on the Tester, got a couple of things done and found out there were a couple things I couldn't do. It's very relaxing to take the schooner out to the beach, launch it and sit around in the sun, drinking beer and turning a few wrenches.

Later on I went shopping with Isobela. She was looking for some specific stuff for her house but we kept getting side-tracked. That is very easy to do, but also very fun, especially if you're with Isobela!

There was another Rock and Roll listening party at the Glamshack. Case was playing from his personal music collection again, but it was great fun anyway. Ajay was the hostess plus my friend Rosinante was there! A few people came and left, but there was a hard core of people that stayed from the beginning to the end. Like Rosi said; "everybody here is damnably glamtastic!"

After dinner I met Isobela at Club Echo Echo. DJ Hy was doing a 60's theme, so Iso and I wore the tie-dye shirts we bought from Robin a few weeks back. Hy has on a tie-dye shirt as well, and his charming hostess Tracy wore this strange orange outfit that had like wide-flare bell-bottoms on both the pants legs and shirt sleeves. Joce stopped in a few times wearing this wild getup, Rosie had a definite 60's look, Niky was there and Mandi came back!

The 60's music was awesome. It was actually a little before my time, but I have two older sisters and they would play this stuff all the time while I was growing up. With a whole decade to choose from Hy was able to bring us a continuous stream of chart-topping hits. I really enjoyed the music, and suggested to Hy at the end that he play 60's more often.

I went home and crashed early, I need my rest to face the first day back at work after a long weekend. Case and Mack are playing at the Beach Bum tomorrow and I'm looking forward to the show. Friendly Fire has a very light schedule this week, so each performance is a precious flower!

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~ Rosi said...

The first time I read this:
"... launch it and sit around in the sun, drinking beer and turning a few wrenches." I thought you had been turning a few wenches! :O

I got quoted! Yeay me! That'll make up for the horrible stuff you'll be shouting at me at the Beach Bum :P