Thursday, January 24, 2008

Constantinople, errr, Istanbul!

Had a very nice, relaxing day. I had been working on the turning apparatus for Iso's bar stools, then decided to call her up and see what she was doing. She was working on the bar as it turned out, so I gathered my stuff up and went over to her house to work. It was very nice working together, each on our own separate project.

Her friend and neighbor Jer had dropped of an old stool of his for her to use as an example when she makes her stools. I examined the spinning mechanism in it and came away with many good ideas. I'm ready to spin it as soon as Iso makes her stool.

I also worked on an automated bartender. We're thinking of embedding him in the surface of the bar. He works fine right now, but his drink list needs a thorough scrubbing. I also need to add my favorite kind of beer to it; the kind that Friendly Fire has in the kegs they often put out at their shows.

As we were working various friends and neighbors of Iso's would drop by. I chatted with one new neighbor for a bit, he seemed pretty cool. I don't have any neighbors like that; the house next to me is still empty. Chey is around quite often, but she's always busy with one project or another for her store. It's kinda neat to look out the window and see her working on something for a day or two, and then see it mentioned in her store's blog.

We were taking a break when Isobela tells me "wait right here" and goes inside. A minute later she comes riding around the corner of the house on a horse! A beautiful big Bay named Eleora! I went up and talked with Eleora and gave her a pat as Iso sat up there with an incredible smile on her face. They look so awesome together. I was so overwhelmed that I forgot to get a picture!

I went home for dinner and to get cleaned up some, then headed back to Iso's. She had finished working for the day also, so I in tux and she in gown headed to the Istanbul Jazz Lounge. It was a very nice place; the dance floor was glass over water with some cloud effects drifting around. We tried many different dances there, including a new (to us) dance called Ballroom Dance 1 (Club version); it was pretty nice. I'll have to go buy some lessons for it so we can get it just right.

We danced and danced. There was another couple near us that were apparently very good friends but fairly new to the dance scene. Some of the comments I overheard from them as they tried to figure things out were truly hilarious. Isobela and I chatted and laughed and danced into the wee hours, well past our bedtimes. Friday eve is upon us and thank goodness for that; sleeping in on the weekends is the only thing that lets me have these wild weeks.

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