Friday, January 11, 2008

Laying Siege

Castle Mancunia was the scene of this afternoon's Friendly Fire extravaganza. DJ Richi led off with a eclectic mix of the crwd's favorites, then Mack and Case took the stage. Friendly Fire played their new song again; Case had tweaked it a bit, but I was the officer on duty and was too busy to hear it through. I like it, though. Someone did have a little accident while we were there, though.

After a quick dinner it was off to Club Casa Blanco where I met Isobela and we jammed to another Friendly Fire show. The club has been re-decorated with a lava/cavern theme and the glamtastic duo were in their usual rare form.

x5Daddie won the naming contest to name their kitten with an entry of "Go Go"; I'm not exactly sure of the spelling here but it was something like that. Later in the show we were treated to a couple of streakers, unfortunately both were guys. Case was feeling especially outgoing and kept going on at the end about how he Loves us and Lobes us!

Isobela and I went traveling all around town stopping at various art galleries. The one we visited the night before was very fun, and we found a few more good ones, but a couple that were just so-so too. We're getting good at this art viewing stuff.

Later we hung out in the Blarney Stone. Ajay and them had already finished at Fibbers so we had a nice long chat with each other and with all of the fascinating people that seem to stop by that place at all hours of the night and day. Life is huge.

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Case said...

We're spelling it GoGo, although I don't know if that's how she spells it or not :)

Also, 'especially outgoing' = sloshed.