Monday, December 31, 2007

No Artificial Ingredients

Early in the morning I went to Moscow to do the tourist thing. I had picked up a little of the language many moons ago when I was on active duty with the Marines, and that had piqued my curiosity with their culture.

I wasn't too impressed with the city. There were some seemingly good places for Russian businesses to get started here, and some libraries of things translated into Russian, plus of course some shopping malls with many people sitting around in them; but nothing really for the tourist. I'll have to check around some more when I get the chance.

From there I went to th Fifties Corner for some 80's music with DJ Jocelyn. She had some rationale for playing 80's at a 50's place, but I forget what it was. Doesn't matter really; I like 80's music and I like Jocelyn music so the two combined were grand. Hy's cousin any1 was there, and Niky and Tracy, but no Minni.

Afterwards I went to help Isobela with a skirt-making project of hers. She needed someone to wear this thing while she adjusted all of the frilly pink lacy panels on it. A lesser mortal would have been totally humiliated, but I managed to grit my teeth and help her out.

To say thank you she helped me disassemble some fireworks to see how they works, she's a very brave girl, plus she took some new promotional pictures for my profile. We went to Fibber's where my old pics had been taken. I changed shirts a few times and got in some different poses while she took many pictures, but the one we ended up liking the best was a candid shot she took after I had changed back into street clothes.

During the shoot I had mentioned the SLProfiles service that Starr had told me about the night before during Therapy. Isobela logged on and created a profile there, and I updated my profile with the wonderful picture that Isobela took. We each sent friends requests to each other and to Starr, then Iso went back to her dress-making and I was going to study what we had found out about the fireworks.

While looking at Starr's profile on the service I noticed that it lets you list favorite places to visit. She listed Group Therapy of course, a place called the Iron Horse saloon and Costa Rica. The Costa Rica place looked cool so I decided to hold off on fireworks research and visit there.

It turns out the Ms. Costa Rica contest had been held the day before. The area was beautiful, with the buildings built to blend in with the natural surroundings. The contest had been held on a floating grandstand built not too far off from this cool beach-side bar. I also went exploring around the corners of the place and found a wonderful beach on this quiet little island.

I had lost track of the time so I had to have a quick dinner and get over to Nightclub Echo Echo where Isobela had the duty for the Friendly Fire concert. I had told her I'd help out, and it was a good thing I was there because the place was jam-packed. We each kept getting calls from people wanting to get inside but not able to.

I noticed many of the people I had met in the past few days at that beach in Italy and other places that Friendly Fire had played. They seem to be getting quite a following, especially for a traveling band.

DJ Jocelyn and Tracy followed Friendly Fire with their usual brilliant Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness. It was Cowboy night, so I changed boots and put on my Lone Star shirt and a cowboy hat. Some people had brought their horses to the show and it was the poor hostesses duty to follow them around with the pooper-scooper.

The Word of the Day was Rabo, in honor of Tracy and Mack. Some of the world-wide following that Case and Mack have attracted had stuck around, and some Translations from the Portuguese were thrown around.

Afterwards we went out chilling with our friends. We are blessed in that regard.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

I knew I should of taken pictures of you in the pink ruffles.... Dang it

Tycho Beresford said...

What? You have a death-wish?