Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Wonderfully Warm House

I went out shopping again this morning. I met Isobela at Blaze's and she helped me pick out a couple of more ties. She bought a tux, also; and a short black dress to wear to the Friendly Fire show tonight.

Isobela had an idea for a kind of confetti shooter that wold spray little signs saying Glam Me A Beer all over the place. She worked on the artwork for the messages while I did the delivery mechanism. We met up, loaded our prototype machines, tested and tweaked them a bit and came away with some pretty good GLAMME poofers.

Friendly Fire was playing their usual weekly gig at Club Casa Blanco. Dee was the duty officer, and Isobela and I showed up a little early to help. Willa showed up and taught me some cool cheers that she had worked out, but I didn't see Minni from the Beach Bum there.

The show was another great, glamtastic Mack and Case presentation. Isobela and I wanted to use our poofers the first time during their namesake song, but it was getting close to the end of the show with no Glam song so we decided to go ahead and set them off.

I made my way through the crowd and stood near the stage in front of Mack, and Iso was in front of Case. On a count of three we set them off, spreading our message of sheer throughout the dome.

Case and Mack liked the effect and were asking where it came from, but Iso and I had scurried back to the side where we had been dancing earlier. The next song was Glam Me A Beer so we set off more of our effects, making it kinda obvious where they came from. The wind was blowing just right to take our messages drifting across the crowd, pretty cool.

At the after-gig chat Iso and I gave Mack and Case their own copies of the poofers; so I expect to see more of them in the future. We need to be careful not to give too many out; if too many were to be set off at once they could conceivably fill the entire room with Glam leaflets and asphyxiate everyone there!

While Isobela and I were at Club Casa Blanco we each received many, many invitation from Jocelyn to Robt and Anutte's housewarming party. Neither one of us were able to make their wedding, so we made sure to make this party. Jocelyn was DJing for them; and while we was there who to my wondering eyes should appear but Minni from the Beach Bum! WooHoo!

DJ Jocelyn was playing simply awesome tunes. There was no theme to try and follow, just great songs one after the other. Robt and Anutte have a beautiful house, and had cleared all of the furniture out except for their Christmas tree. It was a good thing too because the place was packed, and more people kept showing up. They did have some tables set up out on the patio with some delicious punch plus other drinks and food for the guests.

We stayed until Jocelyn had finished, then said our goodbyes and congratulations once again. We headed back to Dublin for a short chat. Neither of us were feeling on top of our game so we decided to each head home for a good night's sleep. Before we left we met a cool maintenance robot named "Dublin Ireland" near Trinity College and invited her to become a Friendly Fire Friend, but she was busy and didn't immediately reply...

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