Saturday, December 1, 2007

That 70's DJ

Friendly Fire officially started the Christmas season with a concert at Oh Christmas Tree - a special shop that Brooke had set up for the holidays. Mack and Case were offering prizes for a Best in Santa contest. Tracy was hostess and had a cool Lava lamp that threw wicked shadows on all of the Christmas trees displayed.

In addition to their normal delicious melodies Friendly Fire also sang some Christmas carols for us. Case sings a mean Jingle Bells! Mack and Case were also running a trivia contest with help from Tkid.

I wore a Santa hat for my Santa outfit; but most were in full costume. One young lady had what I thought was an excellent costume, even though most other Santa costumes contained more than 2 square inches of material. Drako ended up winning the contest for the guys and there was a 3-way tie for girls between Mysty, Tracy and Promise.

I had a chance to chat with Alaska for a bit; we caught each other up on our Thanksgiving celebrations and plans for Christmas. She's one of those real good types of friends that you can be out of touch with for ages and then pick right back up where you left off. It was nice to touch base; I need to get over to the Rotterdam more.

Back home I finally had a chance to try on my Terran Space Marine battle armor. The integrated rifle needed a little work, and I got it going, but I'm having trouble getting the silly visor to go down. I've been having similar problems with other objects; when I get a chance (ha ha) I'll have to look for a global solution.

I also went shopping for a Santa suit to get Isobela off of my back; she really let me have it for only wearing a Santa hat to the Friendly Fire costume party. I found a really nice one and bought it; but when I tried it on there was a problem with the belt; and no the problem was not that it was too small. I've gotten in touch with the shopkeeper and he's gonna fix it up for me.

In the evening DJ Jocelyn was doing her weekly extravaganza at The Nude West Night Club. Gussie, Raven, Farr and the lovely dancers, Tracy, curm, Case and Mack, Caleb, Ivy, and the whole cast was there. Mandi found TNW brought her friend Dawn to join in the fun. The theme was 70's and there was a clothing styles discussion for most of the evening. Joce played nothing but great music that brought back many memories.

At one point Joce was reminiscing about her childhood. She said something about singing the 1812 Overture on the school bus when it first came out. It was very late in the evening; she was tired and I don't think she knew what she was talking about. Surely she can't be that old!

DJ Jocelyn was in costume, and many of the other too. Mack was wearing this awesome getup with a bare midriff that earned her the nickname Sixpack Mack. We'll have to see if the name sticks. Isobela showed up in a superb outfit, you could tell she'd taken her time and chosen each item with care.

When the 70's costume contest votes were tallied both Iso and I won! Isobela certainly deserved it, but I was just wearing my everyday clothes. I wonder what that says about me? Am I 30 years behind the times? Or am I just coming back into style now?

DJ Jocelyn played for us long after the allotted time. There were just so many great songs from that era that none of us could stop. Finally it got too late and the party broke up. I went out looking for gun turrets for Isobela's house for a bit, then stopped by the Blarney Stone and had a quick chat with JamesT. I'm gonna need the whole weekend to rest up from Friday night!

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