Monday, December 17, 2007

Ἠχώ Ἠχώ

Ronda from NanoGunk Paradise became a Grandma yesterday! An 8.3 Lb., 18 3/4 inch baby boy arrived. Congratulations to everyone involved!

I joined the SL Powerboat Association and asked around for good places to take a powerboat. They said the best place is near Hollywood, where Isobela and I had been earlier, but go to the South; we were mostly on the North side of it. I took my hoverboard and checked out the South side; it does seem alot better for monster powerboats than where we were. There was a sailboat race in progress so I didn't stay too long so as not to interfere with them.

The Saints won, taking them back to 500. They are still in the playoff hunt, and some help tomorrow night would be nice. Miami won this weekend too, in overtime! Case and Mack sang the Dolphin's fight song in their honor! No more bags/boxes.

Friendly Fire was playing in the house that Farr built, Nightclub Echo Echo. The usual glamtastic group was in attendance. Mack announced that my friend Dee, Ajay and I were the Friendly Fire officers charged with adding to the group, spreading the glam, and sending notices. A labor of lobe.

DJ Jocelyn took the stage after Case and Mack. She played her usual fantastic music, this time with a candy theme. Joce was dressed as a candy striper and the hostesses as sugar-plum fairies. Tracy was hostess and Isobella was hostess in training with an impossible mission: keep DJ Jocelyn and Tracy in line. Iso needs to work on that a little bit more on that part, otherwise she was wonderful.

curm was helping to keep us entertained by being his usual flamboyant self; he also had some good military history nerd jokes. My friend Case told us how the whole of south Florida was on the edge until the Dolphins won this afternoon. He and I also chatted some about sailing, and how relaxing it is. I've been so busy these past couple of days I haven't had a chance to go out in my schooner.

Near the end of DJ Jocelyn's show we learned that Dan Folgelberg had passed away. Joce closed the show with a nice tribute of some of his best songs. There weren't too many dry eyes by the time she was done.

(Ἠχώ Ἠχώ is Greek for Echo Echo, at least according to Wikipedia.)

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