Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tubes of Fire

I met Isobela at the Moulin Rouge Theater and Grand Ballroom to see, hear and dance to Mimi. She has a very enchanting French accent! She played the guitar and sang mostly in English, but with a couple of French songs too.

The singer the day before was excellent, but her type of music was something that I personally wouldn't want to listen to every day; every few weeks would be good. Mimi was someone I would like to listen to more often.

After her show we had enough time for a quick lunch and then it was off to Alice Beach in Italy for the first of three back-to-back Friendly Fire shows. I had duty for the first one, and as can be expected when Mack and Case play in a new place there were many people there that were not familiar with them.

All of those new faces kept me running handing out Friendly Fire goodie bags and group invitations and meeting and greeting everyone as they showed up. Isobela and svetlana helped me out alot, but I wasn't able to stay and help her with her gig, or Ajay's after that.

After dinner I went to see Nick99 at the Lost Grotto Theater. I was only able to catch a small part of his show, but he seemed pretty good. I appreciated that he really got into the spirit of the venue; many of the artists that perform there aren't that comfortable. I also met Isobela's cousin Midnight who gave me a handful of directions to places I need to check out.

Next it was off to my weekly spanking therapy at Club Group Therapy with Musical Therapist DJ Jocelyn. There wass an intimate crowd, and everyone was was in jeans. That made the spanking much easier, no fluffy frilly skirts to get in the way.

DJ Joce played a grab-bag of excellent tunes. Mandi showed up along with The Tracy, but no Minni. The crowd may have been small but the spanking was intense. Kip and Mandi's first time there was quite memorable I'm sure.

Afterwards Isobela and I headed over to check out a a new club that will be opening soon; I'm really looking forward to it. It was starting to get late, but neither of us were ready to call it a night so I took her to a place called the Tubes of Saturn for some white-water tubing.

Jocelyn had shown me this place a few weeks ago, and I had flown over part of the course in my ultralight, but this was the first time I had actually been tubing on it. The initial run was where all the whitewater was; that run ended in a waterfall that Iso had a little trouble going over.

The course then led through a narrow canyon with some very cool buildings on each side, and one awesome train trestle overhead that I really liked. After a bit the current sped up again leading to another waterfall. We were both prepared for it this time and had a great time flying the hundred yards down to the pool below.

Before too long we found ourselves at a confluence of three small rivers that led into a large lake. We figured that lake might be large enough to get Isobela's speedboat up to top speed so she went and got it. We got it in the water and idled out into the lake, but when she tried to kick it up the engine died.

We messed around with it some, but by then it had gotten really late so we decided to just turn in. Looking back I've had a very busy day; no wonder I'm so tired. The light is still on in Mack's store; that girl works crazy hours. Ya know what? We might all be crazy.

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