Monday, December 10, 2007


Today was my first back-to-back Friendly Fire Extravaganza. First in Milano, Italy; Misprint, Owl, Iso, Miz, Dee, and even Jasmyn were rocking in a cool multi-level Opera theater. There was seating on the ground floor plus many private balconies yet most everyone was dancing in the aisles. Many of the locals popped in to see Mack and Case, too. Case did a fantastic rendition of Greensleeves on the guitar!

Immediately after that it was off to Lindenhof Park on the Zurich Hillside. This is the place with the ice-skating rink where I had listened to DJ Elwe last weekend. New Mom Mysty, Drako, Misprint, Owl, Daddy, Featherfoot, Branwen and many of the Zurich regulars were dancing and skating to the sweet harmonies. I'm getting pretty good at dancing on ice skates; I didn't fall once! The same can't be said for some of the others, but they had been out in the cold for quite a while and I think they may have partook of some anti-freeze and that was helping them stay off their feet.

The Glamtastic Willa showed up late; crazy girl kept doing the splits on the ice! At least she had long jeans on. Case and Mack sang a lovely Jingle Bells - and they actually did have a one-horse open sleigh there in Zurich! A good place for a photo-op. During the show the area had it's rating change from PG to Mature, the first time I've ever seen that happen. Friendly Fire does tend to have that effect on places, though.
As soon as Mack and Case were done in Zurich I raced over to Shelby's World to listen to the last half of DJ Jocelyn's Pirate-themed performance. I had decided that I was too tired to get out a costume; all that ice-skating really takes it out of you. Besides, Jocelyn had costume enough for everyone there - she looked like she just stepped off the bridge of the Revenge. The event was held on the docks, and the smell of the sea and the spray from the waves on the pilings gave her just the right aura.

Argus was there; Padula, Hi and Hare showed up a little later. Iso showed up later still and danced with me for a bit. There was a great crowd and DJ Joce was playing fantastic songs. Eventually I noticed there was only one guy on the contest board, so I went ahead and changed into costume. I did it for him; I didn't want him to think his win was cheap. Hy ended up joining in too, and I think both of their costumes were better than mine, but my flair with the saber whilst dancing must have worked in my favor because I won the contest! Stella, every pirate's dream date, won for the ladies.

After the voting things started winding down; a few more sets and DJ Jocelyn started packing her gear up. Iso and I chatted for a while, then I went back home to change and grab a bite to eat. Case and Mack were playing again later that evening, and I was looking forward to a little bit of relaxation after my hectic morning and afternoon. I had gotten the times mixed-up though, and when the Friendly Fire announcement came out I barely had time to grab a sandwich and race off to the rocky crags of Club Echo Echo.

FF at EE - what a fantastic combination. This was my second Friendly Fire Hat trick, and their fifth show in two days. I can't think of any other band that could keep putting on such tremendous performances time after time. Farr, Argus, Rosie, MiaSnow and Tola were there; Isobela showed up in an incredible diaphanous dress and we danced. Ajay, Hy, Tracy, Daddie, Moard and Mia joined in the fun; plus Anutte and Robt - I hadn't seen them in weeks, months even! Joce and Tracy came by to get ready for their show, which was to start as soon as Mack and Case were done.

The spanking started early; once again I'm not sure who started it, Tracy. It had pretty much died out by the time DJ Jocelyn started, but kept coming back as new people showed up. That nut Anutte is a serial spanker, I had forgotten that about her. She reminded me in spades. Mia has a wicked backhand; as does Rosie, Isobela, MacKenzie, Tracy and many, many other. It hurts just thinking about it!

I talked with my friend Doobie for a bit, but it was just after Case and Mack had finished at Echo Echo. I'm still trying to get her and Hothax to a Friendly Fire show. If Mack and Case can keep up their current pace Doobie will be Glamtastic in no time!

DJ Jocelyn's show was a Punk theme; Tracy, Hy, Mack and I were in Mohawks but Joce wouldn't cut her hair. Gussie, Raven, Casey and Niky came by to listen to the great music, and there were many other people coming in and out all night long. One of the newcomers commented on the color of things at the club, and I just had to give Farr a hard time about color of the giant blue ball rotating above the dance floor.

Joce did her usual terrific job of balancing her meticulously-prepared play list with ad-hoc song requests received during the show. Case observed "Tracy is the first ever 10th degree blackbelt in hostessing, just so ya know." Quite true. When Jocelyn and Tracy get together even the rocks rock.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Case and Mac need to make you the president of their groupie club....

Tycho Beresford said...

Good idea, but I wouldn't want to disappoint Ajay.