Saturday, December 8, 2007

Parrot Grease

One word describes the Friday night Friendly Fire show: Awesome. It was at the Parrot Bay Club in Borgatti, advertised as a "family pirate strip club". That seems a strange description, but it was fitting. I wore an eye-patch to try and keep with the pirate theme. They had to clear the stage for the band and all of their equipment so there were no dancers; maybe I'll go back some other time and check them out.

I hadn't seen Case and Mack play at the Parrot Bay Club before, and like most new venues for them it was a wild time. Come to think of it old venues are a wild time too, just a somewhat different set of people that get to enjoy the Glamtastic music.

Bill, Ajay, Tracy, Tkid, Baron, Mia, Moard and Rosinante were there along with many others. I danced between Jocelyn and Isobela most of the night, and occasionally other young ladies would join us for a bit!

At the end of the show Case said "I wish a good weekend on all of you!" What a guy. After wards I hung around to listen to the DJ for a bit. On the side wall of the club was a huge candy-cane, like 10 feet tall with a sprig of mistletoe hanging from the short end of it. The mistletoe was tested by the best-looking couple there, and they were blinded by all the paparazzi flashbulbs!

Afterwards Isobela and I met at The Nude West Club to listen to the fantastic 'DJ to the Stars' Jocelyn! Lexon was there with his usual crazy outfits, he is pretty cool. Sazzy and Dren, Tracy and Hy, Isobela and I and many others were enjoying the rocking tunes.

The theme was Grease; the musical not the lubricant. Lexon misunderstood at first, but a few swipes with a mop and hot soapy water and the dance floor was safe to use again. Farr and Sazzy ended up winning the contest; Sazzy had on an original "Pink Ladies" jacket from the movie that was of course just perfect for the theme.

It was a wonderful end to a stressful week. I may have to go out of town on business next week; don't know how I will survive without my friends and fun. I guess I'll just have to try and muddle through somehow. And in keeping with the Seasons, Happymerrychanukwanzachrisyule!

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