Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Officers, Center!

The Friendly Fire weekly show at the Beach Bum featured a fantastic new song by MacKenzie. It was an ode to plastic surgery; the title was something like "Make me Beautiful". In her eternal quest to spread wisdom and understanding Mack passed on that men in the 1700's wore implants in their socks to make their calves look bigger. Knowledge is power.

Near the mid-point of the show Case and Mack held the Friendly Fire Officer initiations. Ajay, Dee and I went up to the front of the stage, received special red FF t-shirts, and plaques suitable for framing. It is quite an honor to be able to help these glamtastic people who are tearing up the metaverse with their enthusiasm and talent.

Isobela was able to stay for most of show, including our coronation, but then had to leave. Our gracious hostess and proud owner of the Beach Bum, Marvelous Minni, sent me a random IM to get a mention in my blog, so here ya go!

I was busy doing this and that for the rest of the evening. I just had time to poke my head in the door at the new TNW Uncensored for Topless Tuesday. There was a good crowd that looked like they were having alot of fun; I wish I could have stayed longer.

They had moved the club about a block closer to my house, major renovations going on there and at the mall. With this move my cannon no longer puts me reliably at the club's doorstep, so I have a whole new gunnery problem to solve. Cool!

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