Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Storming the Beach!

I'm still looking at sailboats; I looked all over and couldn't find any place with wooden sloops, schooners or ketches like I want besides Trudeau Classic Sailing Yachts. Isobela has asked her sailing-master friend so I'm waiting to hear back from him. Lex has been helping me try to fix the radio at my house; we're making progress but still don't have it working yet.

After getting my busywork out of the way I was ready for some hard-core relaxation as Friendly Fire took the Beach Bum by storm for their regular Tuesday night show. Ajay and Synapse, Rosie, Rosinante, Promise, Minni, Tkid, Drumstick, Moard, Padula and many others were rocking. Poor Isobela missed yet another Glamtastic show.

The crowd was very lively, even more so than any crowd that Ajay is in. Case shared "When Moard is here you know the party is in the house!" I had a great time with great music and great people. I lobe this place.

Near the end Case sang Silent Night for us, a nice recognition of the Season, then he and Mack closed with their non-duck song. Afterwards I hung around for a bit of the after-gig chat, then headed over to Isobela's after she had finally gotten home from work.

Isobela and I chatted some about sailing then decided to go see if we could test drive any of the schooners at Trudeau's. They were able to get one set up for us, and we had a very relaxing time cruising around their small bay. We headed over to the beach where they keep their catamarans and Iso wanted to try one of those, too. I took it easy driving and didn't take the cat to a forty-five degree angle with Iso onboard; she's a good swimmer but we went out kinda far.

After taking the cat back we checked out the nearby golf course. Neither of us has played much, but it sure looks like fun. We'll likely come back when we have more time to dedicate to making fools of ourselves.

In my search for a sailboat I had come across some pretty cool places so I took Iso to see them. One place had a giant submarine, suspended from a dirigible, tethered over their store; you really had to think about how much you wanted to go in there. We went exploring throughout an old Scottish castle and ended the evening with a most excellent visit to a Stonehenge replica.


Ajay said...

I was going to get offended, but yeah...

Moard rocks :)

Tycho Beresford said...

Sorry, was trying to twist that into a compliment; you add to the character of a crowd and make things lively. :)