Sunday, December 16, 2007

Red Dragon Therapy

I received notice of a TNW East Christmas Treasure Hunt similar to their Thanksgiving gift event. I searched for quite a while and only found 7 of the 12 gifts they have hidden. Some of the hiding places were fiendishly clever, but the value of the gifts was better as well. When I get a chance I'll need to go back and see if I can find some more.

I spent part of the day painting the hull of my schooner and trying out a couple of new sets of sails. Afterwards I went body surfing in the TNW lagoon. Schools of fish were chasing me and nibbling on my toes as I tried to make it through the breakwater to the open ocean.

The Friendly Fire show at MiaSnow's today was an a most inopportune time, I wasn't able to make it. I did make the weekly Rock Therapy at Group Therapy with Music Therapist DJ Jocelyn. The theme was The Village People. I made a stab as dressing as a cowboy but I had recently received some Christmas cowboy gear and I wanted to wear that so I wasn't really too much in theme. DJ Jocelyn was wearing an outfit that just screamed 70's and played thusly.

There was just a moderate amount of spanking; Tracy didn't show up until near the end of the show. The contest winners were Mack and Isobela, DJ Daddie and DJ Hy; they all looked great. Music Therapist Joce closed the show with "Little Willy" to great applause!

Since Isobela had given me such a wonderful Christmas present I was hard-pressed to find a suitable gift for her. I had made plans for something, and even given her a hint of what it was, but I needed something more. I eventually decided on a Nielsen Cigarette Red Dragon 2.2 from Virgin Isle Marina. What made the decision for me was that it has the largest commercially-available engine in the Metaverse! We're talking 120+ cubic meters of horsepower.

I had been working with the craftsman during the day to get it ready for her; as Group Therapy was winding down he let me know it was ready and sent her the keys. As soon as Therapy was over we headed to the Marina; in hindsight we should have stopped along the way to pick up some ear-plugs!

Isobela had to take is slow near all the sailboats; and all of the waters near the marina were pretty restricted so we couldn't get the boat up anywhere near top speed. We each took turns driving, and I was able to get it up to 42 knots, but just for a few seconds. Tomorrow we plan to find some open water so we can really open it up!

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