Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tracy: "omg, this night has been a blast!"

I worked on my Christmas gifts some more. Brooke's advice really helped out on one; I am pleased with how it turned out. I showed a picture of the finished product to Brooke and she liked it. Now hopefully the intended recipient will like it as well!

Friendly Fire made their usual appearance at Club Echo Echo, the first half of a fantastic back-to-back show with DJ Jocelyn. Case made a comparison of the Joce of Rock with Joan of Arc; I'm not exactly sure where he was going with that but I'm sure it was complimentary.

Isobela was coronated as a Friendly Fire Officer about halfway through the show. She immediately put on her distinctive red Friendly Fire Officer shirt, right there in front of everybody! Congratulations Isobela!

The Glam Me A Beer head boxes were out in full force; Ajay was kept very busy in supply the demand for them. These boxes, made courtesy of Moard, were an especially big hit during their namesake song.

Mack sang "Make Me Beautiful" again; that song just gets better and better each time I hear it. It's a very computationally complex piece of music; Case and Mack never cease to amaze me with their talent.

After Friendly Fire DJ Jocelyn wowed us with her Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness show, themed "Let's Talk About Sex". Tracy and Isobela were her hostesses, it takes at least two to try and keep her in line, and wow were they dressed in-theme!

Joce had done her usual meticulous research into the subject and passed on many interesting facts. Joce started us off by talking about whale penii size while turgid, and went downhill from there. She couldn't have been saying these things with a straight face; they must have been pre-recorded.

The crowd lobed, it, "DJ Jocelyn .. fun AND educational!" The place was packed to the gills; I've never seen it so crowded! And more people kept showing up all night, even Willa showed for Joce! I didn't see Minni from the Beach Bum there, but I could easily have missed her in the crowd.

The theme led to many interesting comments that were hilarious when taken out of context; for example who couldn't help but wonder when Tracy said "we should do sex positions next week joce!"

Those poor Saints are out of the playoff hunt now. A win next weekend will leave us 8 and 8; still fairly respectable after the horrid 0 and 4 start.

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