Thursday, December 20, 2007

Heron Park Hijinks

The Friendly Fire concert scheduled for Heron Park today almost didn't happen; it was the most horrendous traffic situation you could ever imagine. I didn't go to work today so I got to the park before evening rush hour started, but everyone else got stuck and couldn't make it; and I mean everyone. No Mack, no Case, no Ajay, no Dee, no Tkid, no Willa; nobody.

Finally, just before show-time pier10 showed up looking for the show. He understood about the traffic problems preventing Mack and Case from getting here, though how he got here from Italy I'm not sure. In any case the beer vendor was plugged in and cold, so we helped ourselves while we waited leaving payment tucked into the cart's handle. After a few he wandered off.

Fuscia, a friend of Heron Park's manager, showed up a little while after the show was to have started. The manager had called her and wanted to make sure everyone knew the show was cancelled. I let her know that I had sent a text-message to the group letting them know that the traffic situation was delaying the show and that we would keep them updated.

We chatted about the weather some; an ice storm had taken her power out for the past three days. She lives way up north near the artic circle somewhere; Pennsylvania I think. I teased her about the wonderful weather I'm having, but asked her not to tell me about her weather come August.

We were exchanging pleasantries and were just about to say goodbye when the park manager, Tola showed up. Apparently whatever the traffic holdup was it had been cleared. I checked with Case and he said that they were almost there, too. WooHoo! The show will go on!

Friendly Fire arrived and Case started setting things up as Mack was checking-in with Tola. I was very busy with sending text messages to the group plus a more formal notice, sending out individualized directions to the place, greeting new people as they showed up, handing out invitations to the Friendly Fire group and all manner of things.

It was pretty hectic until the first strings of Radio Show reverberated off the walls of the park, then everything was just smooth. Mack sang her new song again. Isobela was able to make it to the park and danced next to me. DJ Jocelyn showed up with a new hair-do. The place was slowly filled to the gills. I saw one short fellow who had been around the Metaverse for over four years. I pointed him out to Iso and he was the oldest person either of us had ever seen.

Friendly Fire played a full show despite starting a half-hour late. At least they started a half-hour late; I had started a half-hour early and was pretty beat by the end of the show. I went home for a bite to eat and to relax some. I chatted with Isobela and Jocelyn and we all agreed: I needed therapy.

DJ Tkid was rocking club Group Therapy. It was the first time that I've heard him, other than him practicing some at Mack's store; and he has a great collection of music. He was playing real good classic Rocker's Rock when I got there; after a bit he played some music that likely appealed to a younger crowd, then he came back with a strong finish. A very good DJ that I look forward to hearing again.

Afterwards I went to Fibber's; DJ Otawan was spinning and Ajay was the hostess with the mostess. Spook was hanging there, and Imaginer stopped by too. I don't get to see them or many of the people I used to hang out with as much as I'd like.

Isobela stopped by in a cute, slinky Santa's elf costume for the Echo Echo contest that was going on later, too late for me. I stayed until just about the end of Ajay's shift, wished Iso good luck in the contest, went home and crashed.


Isobela Capalini said...

I was sooo glad that Sl had it's hiccup...and I was able to get my daily fix of Friendly Fire!!! Woot Woot!!

Ajay said...

Tycho, good lord man, I had no idea all you'd been through yesterday. Shoot, I was also trying to figure out how the heck you were able to be in-world when the rest of us were down for the count.

Catch you later on!

Tycho Beresford said...

It was kinda freaky being there alone at showtime. I had gotten up on stage and shouted "If you hear chipmunks reset your streams" and other such nonsense. Next thing I knew Fuscia was next to me saying the owner was offline and the show was cancelled. I'm not sure how much Fuscia heard but it was pretty funny.